CCP Aurora still around?

I was happy to see a new community dev last week, but then noticed silence after that initial introductory moment?

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She commented on some esoteric thread about using bowheads to evade the citadel docking rules.

Have you checked on Reddit?

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Why would you be happy about a new person, when you don’t even know that person?

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Hey there, still around! Just been busy with various things around the start of the new quadrant.

I’m around here reading threads on a daily basis, even if I’m not always commenting :wink:


Great to hear that.

Any chance of hiring a real Janitor to clean out all the toxic waste in these forums?

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You could just leave, you know? :slight_smile:


Do the community a favor and do it yourself

Can you embarrass yourself even more than that? You don’t speak for the community, you silly man. The community isn’t a few toxic haters like yourself. Ignoring the absolute sillyness of this, you really think you speak for the community, yet I get more likes than you do.

How is that possible? Shouldn’t you be showered with likes? Why is that not the case? Are you the hero no one wants to publicly acknowledge? Not only do you not speak for the community, there is literally no evidence that the community, whoever that might be anyway, actually gives a single flying ■■■■ about you. I would not even be surprised if suddenly you started getting likes from people who rarely ever post. That’s what I expect from you and you should start thinking about why that’s the case.

Thinking, DMC. Actual thinking. Self reflection. Not just always claiming that it’s the other guy. Not just always claiming the other guys started. Not just always thinking you’re the good guy. No one is the good guy, especially not yourself.

Stop being such a child.


Are you volunteering?

lol, everything you just wrote is pure bullsh*t. You really should look at the forum activity summary first before making outrageous claims of being most liked. I will admit you’re definitely number one for derailing threads and starting flame wars here in the forums.

Anyway, I’m tired of your childish tantrum, please take your long winded demented rants and go crawl back under your bridge.


Can’t we focus on what really matters? Sun glare.


I call ■■■■■■■■!

In before the lock! :popcorn:

If only yours was available to check, instead of private…

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