New community manager

CCP Zeus aka General stargazer has been named head of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation Customer Quality Prevention Division.

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Funny how he hasn’t created a greetings forum topic, unlike the other new community devs of recent times. Indicative of his suitability as community developer? :thinking:



It’s Zeus. His reputation precedes him and he needs not an introduction

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The best and strongest god there is. The god of gods.

So who is the god of the god of the gods?

Who watches the watchers? Everybody :slight_smile:

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Maybe they realized it’s a bit pointless since CCP community managers accomplish nothing. :rofl:


Well, if god is merely a metaphor for authority, yes, it is civilian duty to keep our politicians in check

its just my opinion but we dont need any more quality prevention. we need quality assurance


He’s probably busy introducing himself in the non official sites like reddit, twitter, and TikTok. He’ll drop by here sooner or later for the single token visit required of him. And then, like the CMs before him, we’ll never see him again in here.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Also. What even is this Quality Prevention Division? Did I just get had by the OP?

If so, well done pris.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I caught the “tongue in cheek” approach but was unsure.

Needs more investigation.

Definitely not on Reddit. But he edited his Twitter profile. :tada:


@CCP_Zelus ?

Hello? Can you hear me?

To be fair the reddit comments indicate this is an alliance tournament focused person. The other community devs also appear to do most of their community work outside the forums. So it sounds par for the course.

Could you imagine if one of the forum regulars was elevated to become CCP X, a community dev focused on the forums? I think that’s right behind “nuclear fusion power plant”, “world peace”, “teleportation technology”, and “unicorns”.

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Wasn’t CCP Aurora put behind reviewing forum right after she joined company?

I nominate @Mr_Epeen

Becoming CCP community team member, I see that as punishment. Imagine dealing with everyone here and reddit and in game as your daily job, not when you want it, not as much as you want it, but you will have to take up responsibility.

And people will never see you where they want you to be. And they will complain, like in this thread.

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