WormBoard V1 dev installment (feedback welcome)

Hello fellow wormholeers,

as we are currently moving back into w-space from some russian invoked 3 month break in lowsec, I started getting back into development of the WormBoard wormhole comparison site. (Refer to this thread in the old forums: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=518935). To collect new ideas and show some progress I decided to let an in-dev installment run in parallel:

http://fetox-developments.com/wormboard-dev/ (edit: it’s on the original url again now, so http://fetox-developments.com/wormboard/ )

This thread will be updated every now and then if things changed, starting with a new and planned features post in a sec.

Have a nice sunday,


New features:

  • added per player stats and hourly aggregate data to the underlaying data model (thus sadly needing to re-scrape all the data, so not the whole picture available by now)
  • added losses, kill / death ratio and k / d- and isk-efficiency to the daily aggregates.
  • new quarterly and last 90 days options for the selected period.
  • switch to turn the isk values to condensed display
  • right click menu offering a variety of reports and functions on the selected corp
  • killtime distribution for getting an idea of the timezone and hourly strenght of the selected corp in the selected period
  • very raw and unfinished list of active characters for the selected corp / period
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Planned features:

  • likify the corp- and playernames whereever they appear to the corresponding zKillboard records
  • historgram data of all the values for selected to show the progress and activiy
  • top 10 overall wh players for a given period
  • search function :slight_smile:
  • setting a selected corp as ‘your corp’ via cookie
  • comparison of ‘your corp’ and the currently selected (not really sure how to implement that, but pondering)
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Great job, i was actually looking at it couple of days ago thinking it could really use some sort of timezone indication

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New version deployed, changes:

  • Slightly more data
  • Corporations and characters now linking to their corresponding zKillboard records
  • Active character list now styled and human readable
  • History data chart, so far only for the full year period and only kills, losses and active players but theres more to come…

Known issues:

  • Potentially requires a Ctrl+F5 browser reload if you’ve been on the older version already (check if the losses on the overview table are in red, otherwise the css is still cached as the old one
  • The dialogs tend to get messy when changing the browser size to smaller than they are
  • The active player dialogs fixed height is broken on it’s first load, should fix itself with the second
  • Still no search function, still no corp comparison, still too low on data, still in development :slight_smile:
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upcoming feature: history chart profiles to select from various sets of data


New version deployed, changes:

  • Corporation search function implemented

Known issues:

  • Jump to page and scroll found corporation into view doesn’t work properly if the selected sorting column isn’t leading to unambiguous results (e.g. if you sort by efficiency and the searched corp is amongst many that are 100% you will most likely end up on the wrong page and/or scrollposition)

More data coming up soon aswell…

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Data now available 'til yesterday (2017.10.10), old version isn’t updating anymore since a couple of days already, v1.0 will replace the old v0.2 somewhere in the next few… Also we are back in business :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::

I wonder when we lost our Fortizar exactly…

Dev installment has been removed, WormBoard V1 is now deployed on the original http://fetox-developments.com/wormboard/ URL, even with some features still missing.


  • Full 2016 data available
  • Loveless IE9-11 support
  • Active player list now sorted by net ISK
  • Fixed a bug where the autocomplete in the search diaglog didn’t know about corporations that never had a loss in w-space

Planned stuff:

  • Adding “ALL” in the year menu as another selectable period
  • Making historic data available for every of the selectable periods (currently only a yearly view available)
  • Corporation compare function
  • Better server stats including actual missing days implementation
  • More presets in the history dialog
  • Button to show the Top 10 individual players for any given period
  • Active char dialog sort field selection
  • Make a better python script for autonomous data scraping and re-establish that
  • Profiles for killtime dist dialog, weekdays, weekends or all

Finally added a basic compare function, still needs an alternative single graph mode to put things into perspective:

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Single chart mode implemented, kinda interesting how the activty peaks are pretty much at the same times for these two for the first half of 2017… Needs further investigation :stuck_out_tongue:

Massive performance improvement incoming, data is now aggregated on the database like it should be, instead of pulling nearly 100k records from it and do the aggregation in java :roll_eyes:… Took me like 3h to figure how to aggregate a list of comma separated character_id’s set-like, aka ignoring duplicates, in Postgres native SQL. For those who wonder:

SELECT corporationid, corporation, sum(kills) AS kills, sum(losses) AS losses, sum(iskwon) AS iskwon, sum(isklost) AS isklost, array_length(uniq(sort(string_to_array(string_agg(CASE WHEN “active” <> ‘’ THEN “active” ELSE NULL END, ‘,’), ‘,’)::integer)), 1) AS numactive, sum(sumonkills) AS sumonkills FROM “zwbAggregateCorp” WHERE date >= ?1 AND date <= ?2 GROUP BY corporationid, corporation

Looks alot better now and feels much more responsive in the frontend, before changes:

and now:

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  • 2015 Data available
  • Added ‘ALL’ to the year select menu and added history and compare charts for an across the years view (timezone and active player list are not implemented yet for the over all years mode)
  • Added an information dialog to the missing functions
  • Fixed a glitch that made the comparison window jumping in size on hitting the ‘single Chart’ checkbox
  • [EDIT] added a last minute loading animation as requested by a corpmate

Have fun playing around with it,

Upcoming stuff:

(Compares the selected corp to the top 10 and rest in categories absolute isk shot, kills and active players, we are that barely visible 1px wide wedge in red for the best period Q1 2017 :P)

Also weekday intel (mockdata as of yet, have to develop the spring controller first, which is a bit tricky):

December release will also havedata back to 2012, still aiming to go back to when wormholes started in '09 :slight_smile:

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New version deployed, this is mostly a huge historic data update, changelist:

  • Data back to 2012 (next version will have the entire history of w-space covered)
  • 2 new experimental Charts, Day of the Week distribution for kills and average players on kill + Top 10 vs selected Corp vs the rest of w-space in absolute ISK killed, number of kills and active players
  • Active players, Timezone and the 2 new Dialogs now work with all of the selectable periods
  • Internet Explorer support is discontinued cuz it simply sucks for modern web development


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Oh, and the USTZ correction checkbox in day of the week doesn’t and will never work… I build it in before thinking of that the precise time of a kill is lost in my database already due daily aggregates, so cannot do what I intended to do there :slight_smile:

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Redeployed with fixes for IE11 and Edge, finally both working ok’ish (despite the jerky year menu animation, but at least it’s fully useable again)

Might require CTRL+F5 reload

[EDIT] Added an additional fix for the impact chart to work in IE aswell…

WormBoard stats for 2017 are final, happy new year everybody!

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