WormBoard and 2009-2018 (including some day 0 romantic)

Happy new year everybody!

So I had to fix one last thing in WormBoard ( http://fetox-developments.com/wormboard/ ) that wasn’t still entirely data driven (namely the way how the history chart data is chunked and labeled for the ‘ALL’ years period) to make it 2018 ready… Or actually ready for the full picture of 2009-current date. I haven’t really started scraping 2009-2011 but that’ll happen somewhere soon.

However, after fixing that stuff I got curious and pulled in 10th of March 2009, Apocrypha patchday, the day wormholes were introduced to the game. I personally wasn’t playing by the time, so I digged a bit around in my data and tried to reconstruct that day a bit. So if you aren’t like me and have a hang on history and statistics you might want to stop here :slight_smile:. Also sry if theres anything wrong with my interpretation or I recall well known facts for the elder.

So after an obviously extended downtime the first guys must have started to probe and find wormholes around 16:30 as we have the first ever dying ship in that new kind of space @16:39:

After a couple of such NPC losses, including the first ppl trying to solo C5 sites in Commandships and Drakes (KillID’s 6038547, 6038593, 6038611, 6038623, 6038621, 6038642, 6038717 for sake of completeness) we have the first ever happened WH PVP kill just about an hour later (Note that bombers could still fit Cruise Missile Launcher’s):

Also noteworthy that the 2 involved chars were still active in 2016 and 2017 respectively. So what else did I find? Not much, 262 losses happend in wh space out of only 1660 overall that day (which is low even for extended downtime, must’ve been the old ‘Don’t play on patchday’ mentality). None of the corps having a day 0 kill is an still active wormhole corporation (But don’t worry, I find ya soon, oldest still active wormhole corp :P). Most expensive PVP loss (corpmate whored on that one) was a 1.1b Paladin of Phoenix Industries dying to Class 5 Sleepers, and there was even a small gangfight already:

I leave that day 0 data on server for a while if you’re curious, then prolly starting to close the gap to 2012 at some point…


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