Shoutout to LAWN and friends o7

I just wanted to say thank you and give a big shoutout to Get Off My Lawn for letting their wormhole astrahus go abandoned which then got turned in to Spectre Fleet intel and led to one of the funnest weeks of content I’ve ever had in EVE

You guys are truly and unironically great content, and I salute you! o7

I was sad I was not there for this. I picked up a new job and all the timers were when I was working! Lol. I was so ready for when the day came.

Oh well, I heard everyone who managed to show up had a blast! It was fun having an outpost there, and thank you to the guys at D3RP who sponsored it!

Hope you enjoyed all the stuff I left, I see a lot was destoryed, but there was prolly some worth in there.

As one of the parties financially invested in our wormhole project, it was an experiment to see if there can be life complementary to nullsec for us. I started Eve living in wormholes and spent many years in them. Unfortunately, it is difficult to remain engaged in nullsec during a war and still maintain regular activity in J-space. It sucks to lose the hole and the structures, but we decided to go out with a bang on the Fortizar. If we had saved the Fort, we would have made an effort on the other structures. It was fun while it lasted.

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Havent been part of LAWN long enough to know about it, but GGs anyways lol

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