My Wormhole issue


My story in EVE began in 2010 with running missions. I was lucky to have good helpers in first few corporations I did things together with. We have done lot’s of Mining and Level 4 Balginia system multiple character farming.

But then I found c2 and asked whats there. We formed a squad of few people who know what to do and me as complete rookie, but awfully excited after brief description of rewards if all things go well. I was hooked. We did first site well, second site something else happened.

A beautiful blue-gray colored thin film appeared around us and more ships started to warp in. Comms started to become chaotic, mostly mad laugh and unclear rambling. They killed me last, but I first I asked why are they doing this. The answer was ‘you came to our home’.

Few more years came by, I settled in C2 with my 2 alts and run the base by farming C4 static gas sites, after long and persistent planning in back then functioning EVE-Mon. What a splendid little 3d party tool we had then, almost a cheat, hehe. Later I learned Incursions, done lot’s of PVP in Wormhole and null space with very smart and agile Russian Alliance. The Brotherhood of Starbridge had 2 talented commanders leading each roam together, with around 40 people fit in t3 ready to go on daily basis. Many great tactics were developed and used, it was a lot of collective fun, but also fear of dangerous space and careful balance of farming in static C5, keeping your POS fueled and clean and balance life, as I was graduating from IT college, my wife was graduating from college and we already had 1 year old daughter by then. After graduation we settled outside of the city near our farm with many green lands, not many houses, lots of fresh air and … satellite internet.

Next three years were difficult for online gaming, I would be late to many fights due to 5-10 second wormhole jump-through and flying a logi became a no-no. That was the end of year 2016.

In 2018 I found a C4 wormhole to move in and also mobile hotspot became a thing, allowing me to have much better latency, less than 1,500 ms that is on satellite, but limiting to 30GB of hotspot data per month. This was enough to log in 3 times a week to make sure PI is running smooth, which cuts down fuel costs by 80% and also I have done eventual roams or LVL 4-5 missions and Incursions when time allowed, once or twice a month due to 2 hour wait time, work and video streaming.

Things were running smooth, everyone have to eventually find their own spot under the Sun. I felt independent and protected by the fact it takes no interest to rattle random Astrahus, unless it’s unfueled or the owner is clearly looking for trouble. Fair enough.

But then two things happened, which I think should have not.

Wormhole became riddled with new statics. If before I was able to scan a neighbor C4, scan all their 2 statics and drag 2 battleships with Higgs rig on it to close them out and farm, or even sometimes even going one more c4 futher away from home with all my 3 alts - all to support the fuel and help with plex - now is impossible task.

Who is this good for ? We have null sec for random encounters from any side. Wormholes should be rare, otherwise making boosters, mining Arkanor and farming sleepers becomes available only to large corporations who have their scouts in every system.
Here is a picture of my Wormhole scan with 6 wormholes scanned, 2 of which are regular static and one is K162, those other 3 would not be there before one of the updates. New users are limited to only 1 pic in post…

Second, eve updates became massive and repetitive. What is a little less bad than monthly vaccinations? Monthly updates over 1 GB. I launch EVE client and see 200mb to download, well ok. It gets to 200 and then jumps to 1GB. Well fine, damit. Then it happens again the some month and I was forced to wait 3 days to start new billing cycle, so at least one of my two phones gets 30Gb of 4g again, where once over the limit, max download speeds drop to 87kb/s max (measured by Netlimiter 4 Pro).

Logging in as soon I got the new update again, I found that my base is destroyed in 1 day. Not reinforced, but destroyed and all there is on KillBoard is 4 ships. That means that Fully loaded Orca was stollen, along with 20B+ in assets gone. I was waiting for proper c5 to open nearby to get into low sec or high sec and just polished 3 of my Rattlesnakes shiny. Over two years you do get used to alot of junk, but then lose it all to 2 lowballers accidentally finding Astrahus on a far planet without fuel.

I would rather lose 200 million ISK for a Starbase module that sends a simple email that your base has ran out of fuel then drop 20+ billion ISK and motivation to go on due to

  1. CCP ambition to stimulate Hunters and not Gatherers to improve plex sales
  2. Introduce massive injections that follows the trend of every online game pushing out data and flood their bandwith, forcing people like me, who can literally see DSL lines make 90 turn away from you few miles out, have to buy 3 smartphone to have 30 more GB data. There are many options to get internet, but not here, it is ex HughesNet territory.

Can we please have only one or two statics back how it was in Wormhole space? Wormholes should be rare, not overwhelming in your face to protect from every day.
Perhaps on weekends only, so small corps like mine can farm or at least create conditions suitable to farm. With so many new WH you cannot farm, and that takes away that little slack required to keep the base online.

I have new base online, I have recovered mostly from this hiccup, question is how to go on with such intense traffic of new WH ?
Dump the WH space and just do Incursions with all 3 alts?
I could, but then I would rather play something else.

Sorry for the long rant.
Sometimes it is hard to determine when it is time to quit.
However, I think this choice should not be driven by ambitions of the others.


Get a friend.

If you have so many structures and stuff around in one system as solo (?) player no wonder you painted yourself big read crosshair on your back.

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Nobody knew this, it was the only Astrahus there. It is not the question of protection, just one leshak did this after randomly finding it, thanks to another update somebody got stuck with downloading. Perhaps another update to make WH space crowded with random corps and no security…

You could use a partner or two to help you cover the down times you encounter. It’s easy for a solo player to take significant action in a wh these days. I remember when someone HAD to have a fair amount of friends at their beck and and call to make a dent in someone’s wh operation. Put up a large POS with significant defenses …no solo Leshak will be able to bash that and 6 wont take the time. The old ways are the best ways.

You had 2 timers. How you where unable to bring down one single leshak? Where you know at what time he will show up.

Friend or two would help with scanning and rolling outside your time zone. With isk you make I would simply pay newbie or explorer just to scan connection around home wh.

keep plenty of fuel in your structures dude. unfuelled J-Space structures are always going to get bashed by the first person who notices it.

This. Back in the day of the old POS -bases, I used to drop a dread on a stick if it looked dead enough just to see if it would die in a single sitting.

i’ve Stront Checked many j-space POS towers and been well rewarded with either very short, or no reinforce timer.

I feel you pain. Your issue here is the internet connection that you got . Try to make some friends , it helps a lot in Eve . If you had someone in your corp that could login would have helped and probably you wouldn’t have found yourself in this situation. I’ve been there too, when I started playing I had a dial up 14k kB connection and because of that, I was limited to just highsec for 2 years.
In the coming future there’s also hope with Elon’s Starlink project, that might fix your internet issue.

Nope. Mistake was living from not fueled structure that can be destroyed in single attack. Without any timers. I just hope he learned his lesson and will follow changes to structures in future


Well paired with what you said , just made things even worse for him given his internet connection . Yes, let’s hope next time he’ll find the fuel hangar on said structure. But to be frankly, living in j-space with such connection is just not optimal anyway.

I think this is a valid point. The intent, I think, with adding all the new wormholes was to make wormholes more dangerous, with a higher probability of a new wormhole showing up while you were farming, and with very difficult to role small wormholes tempting people to farm with a wormhole open.

But, what I think was an unintended effect was that it made it impractical to farm neighboring wormholes, which has the opposite effect- removing one of the more dangerous wormhole activities.

Thank you for recognizing this issue. Two statics was enough, considering random K162 in a C4.
Wormholes by nature are rare, but also can be easily collapsed to be opened anew in game. Why add 3 more statics?
Well, I know why and disagree, after 8 years of living in WH space. Eve shouldn’t be all just about smashing spaceships.
We have Shattered Wormholes for rapid random encounters, which is another issue alone since none of the ice or other resources can be exploited there. Visiting it is like going to museum of ice fields. Or maybe All You Can Eat buffet with no plates, tables and silverware…

To be clear, there was fuel in emergency bay. Also, it was a second required download of over 1 GB within 1 month. Yes, it was crazy time to work from home then for me with many roles. If it wasn’t such a public dog park in your front lawn then perhaps I would put fuel next day.

Thank you for reply. Just to be clear, there was fuel in emergency bay. Also, it was a second required download of over 1 GB within 1 month. Yes, it was crazy time to work from home then for me with many roles. If it wasn’t such a public dog park in your front lawn then perhaps I would put fuel next day.
And yes, I was a long time subscriber for StarLink asap it available in Wisconsin.

Thanks for reply. To be clear, there was fuel in emergency bay. Also, it was a second required download of over 1 GB within 1 month. Yes, it was crazy time to work from home then for me with many roles. Two statics was enough, with random K162 in mind, adding 3 more traveling statics is bad experiment. Not like you cannot collapse a wormhole if you need another exit, collapsing 5 requires a minimum amount of players in the WH, which it can never feed.
I will consider trying to find some one who want’s to share the WH space, but this require incredible amount of luck to find a good person that will not either leave, backstab or simply not do anything, or a hundred corporation alliance builder with English skills and perhaps an overly extrovert personality.
I know people, who dismiss your entire topic due to one grammar mistake, heh.

Well, to be honest I consider trying my luck with some solo wh journey, for quite some time. But I don’t mind friend or two to make things easier.

If you want more detailed talk about it. I can send you my discord or something

I think a conversation cannot hurt. I will send you an EVE email one of these days to touch base. Thanks.

Lis Torin,
I couldn’t find your character’s name in EVE Online,
but if you are still interested in roaming some PVE in wormholes I have a good place to start.
PM me in the game or leave a mail for details.

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