Epic EVE Online Wormhole Defense: Drama, Backstabbing, and Glory!

An intense EVE Online battle where we faced off against a surprising amount of people pouring in through the high sec entries. Despite our efforts, we lost, but the fight was epic!
It looked like some backstabbing happened at some point as our tornado “allies” started “misfiring”.
Join us as we relive the drama of betrayal and the bravery of our pilots in the heat of battle. Subscribe for more thrilling EVE content!

Video has been speed up 50%. Thank you to FCs Antony Parker & Drexter Auscent for allowing me to use the comms audio.

And the continued reddit drama: Reddit - Dive into anything


looks like an epic fight. Unfortunately the zkillboard battlereports are always mixed up with dropped ships from the structures so it’s hard to tell who had how many active pilots on his side. Can you drop a small summary how much force you had (fleet/composition) and how much force the invaders had (fleet/composition)? Ans who the “backstabbers” were? Always interested in reading such stories! Good job!

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