45mil SP player looking to hide away in a wormhole and learn the life there. [EUTZ]

About a year and half ago I decided to check in at the EVE online hotel (seeing you cannot ever leave anyway) and I started out simple with frigs in low sec in a group having fun, till that all went south and the alliance leader got banned, so typical fun times. Took a little break returned for some high sec mercenary work, I mean what could possibly go wrong right? Well yeah everything, just my ■■■■■■■ luck I guess.

Seeing Low sec went bad, high sec went bad and I got no interest in joining up in 0.0 I think my last hope is going to be hiding out in a wormhole. However wormhole life is not something I ever dipped my toes into so I am going to need a few bits of help there.

Now this is my current main toon which was an focus trained alt of mine really working on maxing supporting skills before moving on. So all she can fly atm is frigs with missiles or frig for scanning, but tends to be maxed or near maxed in that.

I am an EU TZ player and I want to be playing a game so relaxed, I got a job and don’t need a second one :wink: A mature environment is very much preferred and I have all the means to be on coms when I am around (which will mainly be some evenings and some times during weekends/Wednesdays).

Hey bud, congratulations on seeing the light!

Come give us a look to see if we’re what you’re after, plenty of explosions and absurd activity!

No long windy post here. All will offer a good group of guys and girls, the work and play together. We cover all four factions and WH, do everything and anything, we have access to roam groups and nullsec.

Fun group that will poke fun at you if you do something silly or stupid, but they take it as good as they give it.
Only rule we have is real life and family come first.

We are a WH based corp with core base from UK and EU.
Feel free to join our discord recruitment channel to have a chat :wink:
Misplaced Elitism

Thanks for the offers, looking at them, but open to more as always :slight_smile:

Still looking sorry I have not been chatty to those who reached out, life got a little in the way.

If you still haven’t found a home yet I know we’d love to have you in FARCY :slight_smile:
We are a medium sized c4 wh corp with static c3/c5. Very chilled out group and I’ve had alot of fun there since I joined. I’m from the UK and it has a good EU group plus lots to do on the weekends. You can always come say hi in discord and poke us with questions to see if it’s what you are looking for.

All good, life and family come first.

Only real key rule we have, eve is just game and family/friends always come first.

When ready message and will invite you into chat.

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