Trying to do exploration, but I have no idea where to go

I went to about 5 systems, and all the sites I scanned down are worm holes(too scared to go in, no idea what its like) and combat sites(didn’t fit a ship for combat). what should I do is there sites without combat and its not a wormhole?

edit: warped to a combat site, almost got killed by rouge drones :frowning:

Keep trying - there are data and relic sites in high security space but there is also a lot of competition. My recommendation is to get as far away from trade hubs as you reasonably can.

The sites you’ll find in highsec aren’t particularly rewarding - for that you’ll need to accept additional risk. You’ll find datacores, decryptors, T2 salvage, blueprint copies for ancillary modules, etc… Not a road to riches but good practice.

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oh maybe I am flying to close to Amarr.

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Look for systems with low activity - in Domain I’d try the Qeti and Chardu constellations - they’re only a few jumps from Amarr and most of the systems seem to average less than 10 jumps per hour.

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Don’t go in a WH on a weekend. But during the week, take a cheap scout in and just poke around cloaked. It’s “usally” not a dangerous as it seems. :wink:

Five systems is not a lot, it’s called exploration for a reason, go out there and explore!

Back when I started exploring, I’d start the day by setting my destination to some back end system 50 jumps away, then heading over there and scanning every system en route. The next day I’d set destination back to my home system, and again scan everything.

Go to w-space, lowsec, or nulsec. Take any convenient wormhole!

  1. Set your probes to 32 au. Use the spread formation.
    This will give you really weak signal results.

  2. Sort by signal strength, lowest to highest.

  3. Probe the signatures with the weakest signals first.
    The higher-quality sites tend to have smaller signatures = weaker.
    Wormholes tend to be large = stronger, though there are exceptions, so if you want to find a wormhole, probe the strongest signatures first.

After a bit you will get an idea for your skill level and ship / fittings, what signal levels are most likely to be what. i actually keep track of them in the in-game notepad.

If you get exploded, try again!

P.S. Signal Cartel gives out free basic exploration ships.

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guess I’ll try this.

but the thing about wormholes is that I am too scared of going in there, what if I get stuck there and never be able to get out? I know I should make book marks, but still, I think wormholes are a bit too risky for me now.

edit: I thought wormholes are short cuts to other systems, like a jump gate. how do I explore in there?

Are you referring to the size of the red sphere when the signatures are still marked with red X’s? Or is there some other way to determine the signature strength?

Sounds like you are in highsec. You need to go to null. Google Dotlan for systems maps. It will take you much more than 5 systems.

null is too dangerous, I just want to do some practice in high sec first

so I flew to another 10 or so systems all with <5 players in the past 30 min, scanned down everything. found only combat sites and worm holes. am I that unlucky? or am I doing it wrong? anyways, its getting a bit boring and I am not sure whether I should keep trying.

edit: I noticed that some systems does not have a station, what decides if the system would or would not have one?

yes you are unlucky, and yes you are wrong: explo is called explo because you ahve to travel, jump into the unknown, find the regions of interest, discover the habit of people living there etc
so take a bit more risk. 10 jumps one week-end day? lol

Again, if you’re going to rely on Explo for income you need to venture into null and specifically look for relic sites.

Bring a cloak and don’t warp at 0, don’t bring anything expensive. You’ll be warping to at least 50 different systems at least and spending possibly a week out and about, depending how much incoem you need a month. This isn’t WoW where you’re able to get instant gratification from farming respawn nodes in the same general location only with zero risk.

Edit: as a side note, Explo a lot of times can be hit or miss. You could have a great day and wrap up 100-200m or more in less than an hour, or spend an entire day and only make 150m – which btw are numbers you will never get in high-sec

still alpha clone. if I dont have a cloak will I at least stand a chance in NULL? or no chance at all?

what about 40 jumps two way route? I might travel through the new route from Amarr to Jita

Depending on where you go, you might encounter natives or renters. Natives will probably try to hunt you down and kill you. Renters are terrified and scared of any neutral that appears in system and dock up.

If you find renters, you’ll be more threatening to them than they will be to you.

but how can I know who is who? like the locals might be flying any ship and the renters can fly any ship.

Their character info and who the space belongs to

Just like in any other systems. A wormhole system is like a Nullsec system with changing stargates. Just get used to bookmark your entry hole when still in session change cloak.
And if you get lost, Pod Express will bring you home safe and sound, i.e. if you get podded or self destruct, you immediately awake in your medical clone just where you set it up in Highsec.