Exploring Drone Data sites in WH?


I am trying the exploration career, and 2/3 sites in WH are drone / sleeper / whatever guarded sites. Lesson learned, not approaching them. But after probing WH after WH for hours and finding only such sites (have to mention, I am, possibly, the unluckiest pilot in the Universe), one starts wondering if possibly there is a way to loot such sites with T1 tech afterall? Or should I use 2 ships - one for probing, another for drone combat? Probe, return to HQ, take another ship and warp to WH? Or maybe I can hack those drones instead?

And one more problem that annoys me a lot - is it only by color I am supposed to know the type of WH? Only the golden one looks slightly different than the remaining types

Oh ok, one more final question (real final for now) - what to do about those T3 douchebags who decide to blow you up for nothing better to do? Is there any way to escape? 'Cause you are a capsule before warp is initiated. Well, and if the guy is real “joker”, then there is even no capsule left

Thank you in advance for all your tips!

OK, very quick answer - which is a lazy one since it’s really just sharing my “useful exploration bookmarks”:

Which are guarded or unguarded locations:

And for the guarded ones (the normal relic and data sites are unguarded - see above!):

Stuff about wormholes (what does the "wormhole name mean) and wormhole systems:

Keep tripping D-scan - you need to be aware of what is around you and fly and think like someone is always trying to kill you. Don’t get complacent. And don’t get greedy: the “I’m on a roll, I’ll just do one more to add to the hundred million ISK I’ve got already” is an evil temptation. The money isn’t in the bank until you’ve got the loot safely home and sold it.

Good luck. It’s a fun way to live and die.


They are not douchebags, they want your loot and salt. You know, the food chain … you have to think like a small fish, being paranoid and cautious or have friends.


This is too gerenal. In Class 1 WHs, there’s not many guarded sites, while in class 6, all are guarded (afaik).
Rule of thumb: If the relic or data site contains a pirate faction name, it’s not guarded (at least in Class 1-3).

The class can be narrowed down by the information given at the wormhole entry. As soon as you enter, you can just type “EVE J120131” (entering the J-Code of the system given after jumping in) into google and check its class and its killboard within your 30 second gate cloak time (after creating a bookmark for a safe return).

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Thank you very much for your useful “lazy” bookmarks and advices! My thoughts:

  • I was shocked by just how few WH are there :open_mouth:
  • EvE-Scout is very interesting, I will check it out
  • I though that d-scan reveals your location too, or at least increases your signature radius?
  • “don’t get greedy <…> is an evil temptation” - that’s exactly how I was blown up by a T3 moron :slight_smile:

They are not douchebags, they want your loot and salt. You know, the food chain … you have to think like a small fish, being paranoid and cautious or have friends.

Those few T3 torpedoes are probably worth as much (or more) as the loot from a blown up T1 rookie ship. And how much loot there is from a blown up capsule? :thinking:

Besides, no paranoia will help once you are locked by a bazillion-worth T3 whaterver-it-is

So, nope, they are douchebags. They could be un-ganking the ganking sites instead of blowing up capsules - I believe, that would be more fun.

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In Class 1 WHs, there’s not many guarded sites, while in class 6, all are guarded

Thanks! It is good to know

Rule of thumb: If the relic or data site contains a pirate faction name, it’s not guarded (at least in Class 1-3).

Very useful tip! Thanks a lot!

type “EVE J120131” <…> into google

Well, you see, there is a problem - I do RP, so it would remove “the joy of discovery” if I google everything I am trying to explore :smiley: So I am trying to do my homework outside “the space adventure” only :thinking:

This is a list of wormhole entry classes, not of wormhole systems. The wormhole system list contains 2605 entries, that’s plenty, I’d say.

The wormhole system list contains 2605 entries, that’s plenty, I’d say.

Well, It would take full 108,5 days to probe them all :smiley: Actually, I was hoping that some of the WH systems (WHS) are generated procedurally. On the other hand, how would you know the exact number? Did devs disclose it?

Blowing up ships and capsules in a game about blowing up stuff is the fun. :wink: I have some feeling you won’t like what comes from here …
… the trick is to not get caught, and they don’t know your cargo, it could be a couple 100M from dozens of scan sites and a shiny killmail from your expensive pod. :slight_smile:

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I hope my home wh is not just a random system!

No, all WH systems are programmed rooms like all known space systems with their stargates. The stargates just look differently and change their location, but there is always at least one “gate” (wormhole connection) leading into another system.

BTW: Pod express is a relief in WHs, not a punishment :wink:

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Yeap, totally agree on this. But this trick gets a bit tricky when it’s a n00b VS veteran player, doesn’t it? :smiley: OK, it’s a learning curve. An expensive learning curve :slight_smile:

You never know! It’s EVE!! :smiley:

Good to know, thanks! It’s just a shame there are only a couple of thousand of them - I hoped to nick one for myself one day :smiley:

So this is what it’s called :smiley: So I was doubly unlucky - this ‘relief’ set me back by 20 jumps from my Epic arc destination :smiley:

A T1 explorer doesn’t cost more than a few M, and one pirate relic site where you can safe the loot pays for 5 more ships & fits.

Most wormholes are just empty, often those with entrances close to trade hubs are camped. If you venture in a random hole from nowhere highsec, it’s likely going fine.

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Sounds funny, but with stations in Wormholes it’s the same: the trick is to not get caught.
So you have to be strong enough to keep most attackers away or remote and small enough to not attract attackers.

But I’m afraid eventually no Zita in WH space will live forever, losing and restart is totally normal in EVE.
My first eviction was heartbreaking, now I wonder why my most recent piece of junk is unharmed only because I keep on refuelling so it’s online while I’m only doing PI there and the biggest ships I can kill there are solo Caracals …

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Unfortunately, it’s not the ship’s price that troubles me the most but all the modules and augmentations, and all the time needed to collect them all. Even for T1 it’s at least 3-4 M + few hours of jumping around. The best loot I got so far was 7m - that pays for the set, but the easy - my level - is 1-2 M which pays for nothing but for the needed skill books.

That’s what I thought. And then I got fried by a T3 godzilla from the top right corner of the ship tree :smiley: Unbelievable but obviously with my luck it’s possible :smiley:

Wow, thanks for sharing the experience :open_mouth: Do such stations get attacked by NPC drones and factions as well?

OK, thanks for the warning, my “heart” is quite easily impressed (see the ref. above), won’t think of my own station :cold_face: But - how much does it cost to build? :open_mouth:

I actually found an EvE-Scout emergency container an hour ago in a WHS (1st class, I guess), left it alone for your corp emergencies (not everyone is loot- and ISK- greedy :slight_smile: ) BTW, can I dock to your station if/when I find it?

Hi there, yea wormholes are dangerous as it seems you’ve already found out but they are great fun and a good challenge, ellatha is a really good resource for W/H’s but even better https://www.pathfinder-w.space/ it requires logging into and it automatically tracks where you are and maps it and had a great deal of info at your finger tips.

As for the data relics sites with sleepers at them yes you should switch ships tech I cruiser for C1 sites and tech I battlecruiser for C2(recommendation) can use other ships. These sites are safer than the anonmalies as people need to scan them down or scan you down with combat probes to find you unless they already have it scanned down.

As for the people who will try to kill you that is likely the path they have chosen for what they want to do in Eve they are not necessarily had people, remember that wormholes are the wild West of Eve and the norm is if you find someone they probably wanna kill you they may not though but the fun is working that out and maybe even surviving yourself or even killing them or helping them out of they are lost.

While they are dangerous they can also be very quiet and you have the opportunity to make good isk doing all the activities that are in them, it’s real fun getting out with a pile of loot without getting murdered.

Good luck out there,Hope someone like me doesn’t get unless of course unless it is me o7

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Thank you so much for your comprehensive reply! Much appreciated!

That’s such a great idea - I am surprised that the EVE devs didn’t think of that :open_mouth: (They have something like this for the market transactions). Thank you for the tip!

Well, but there is a problem. Yesterday I went into a WH space, probed the site, looted some of it, returned to my highsec system, and then went back the same route into the same WH for more. BUT my probing data was not valid anymore and had to probe anew. Wouldn’t it be the same when switching ships? Or it’s just the looted sites were respawned? I should test this more, actually :thinking:

Thank you for the recommendation! It’s still a long way for me because I am trying to ‘perfect’ my fittings and skills for my starting PVE & Exploration ships, just to get the max out of them before moving up and then to omega. But it’s good to know that a BC is enough. Thanks!

I thought that other games are better optimized for that, like COD, Battlefield, or Fortnite. Playing EVE for cheap kills, is like using your collector’s car in a demolition derby :thinking: Oh, sorry, for those other games one actually needs real skills :smiling_imp: Unless, that is, you are after same-level or stronger opponents.

Totally agree with you - and that’s where the real fun, skills, and experience come in

Actually it feels like breaking into an abandoned casino - there is thrill, there is gambling, there is danger (a bit like the Netflix “Army of Dead” :smiley: )

Thank you very much for sharing your experience, tips, and recommendations! Fly safe!

Yea no problem, happy to help, I will say about players using their fancy ships to kill not only noob’s but anything that moves that their motivation is often different from a new player, first they have spent the time to get into these fancy ships and they wanna use them, also there is killboard prestige https://zkillboard.com/ each player has their own killboard that tracks their kills and losses and the more greens on your board the cooler you look I guess and the bigger your total kills number gets.

Secondly and more importantly for me, if you get the final blow on a kill you get a killmark on your ship which is only on that specific ship once you get 10 of them they turn into one larger one and then the smaller ones start again until you get another until you get 10 of the larger ones and you get and even bigger one for a hundred and so on. When that ship dies though you lose those marks and have to start again.

Also a player who has billions of isk a tech III cruiser is not to expensive to risk even with some fancy mods on

Hope that helps o7

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Oh yea, and the sites disappearing, they will disappear if you log out for some reason otherwise they should stay, the other thing you can do to be sure is bookmark them by right clicking on them “save location” you can also create folders and subfolders for your bookmarks in “people and places”.

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Thank you very much for explaining their motivation so comprehensively. Just two of my comments:

  • Such players are actually are good reason for one to invest into skills, experience, and strategy. So in the end, I have to recognize that their low values enhances the game (though for me personally it’s still repulsive)
  • These days one doesn’t necessarily has to earn ISK in-game - they can buy it all for real money - and support the devs :slight_smile:
    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts - it was very helpful! :+1: