Exploring Drone Data sites in WH?

Thank you for your advices! I use bookmarks a lot - but the loot sites are still quite dynamical. Anyway, I need much more experience in all of this :slight_smile:
Fly safe!

Station + Core + Modules… about 1.3b ISK minimum

There are some stations which are open for all, they are a good start for wormhole life.
The problem is, if they are open for all, they are also in the overview, and thus much more likely to be attacked. Wormhole space is hide and seek space, if you put up a sign, you gonna die eventually (“Is it a bait?”).

I started in an old station of my starter corp, I had no idea about fuelling, so the station became low power as the corp became more and more inactive, as I was soloing sites in a Probe, Stabber and Hurricane (sufficient set for a C1 wh). Of course after some months bullies did their job, and my home was gone. But I found a new corp and now I’m in better ships in better wormholes.

You see, you can lose a lot, but it’s part of your evolution, now I have got tons of Canes :wink:

One could buy a small planet for this sort of money :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Somehow I am very suspicious of such. Maybe there is nothing wrong with them but as you said it’s a bait for all sorts of space scum :slight_smile:

So, I understand, that is a ship worth investing in? I was actually thinking about switching to torpedos from projectiles.

Anyway, what to do in a WH with a cane? Unless it’s in a continuous state of war there isn’t much to do there for a fleet of BS?

Much appreciated you sharing your personal experience - I will remember what you shared :+1:

The Hurricane was my preferred solo ratting ship in the C1 wh. This wh char is Minmatar, so that was an obvious choice for a 6 month old Omega char. There I finished Sleeper anomalies, set a bookmark and salvaged in a destroyer. Note: There’s no bounties in wh space, but blue loot, which can be sold to NPC traders in Highsec, and some nice salvage goods. In the Cane, you can also easily clean up a gas mining grid as soon as the rats appear.
In a C2, the Hurricane in a meta fit is also useful for gas sites, but not enough for combat sites any more. After 3-5 sites, you should have made enough ISK for a new Cane (if you are able to sell all the stuff). In C2, I was able to finish the sites in a meta fit Praxis solo. But of course, these T3 cruisers you’ve already met are a threat to both Cane and Praxis, so you have to be careful (naked clone, D-Scan, perhaps a scouting Alt) and to be mentally able to lose a ship and a capsule from time to time (always bookmark the most recent Highsec entry on both sides!).

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Thank you so much for taking your time to share all your advices and experiences so comprehensively! It’s a way more pleasant way to learn than from my own silly mistakes and then being angry for the situation :slight_smile: Of course, I will loose ships (though, not the ships I am worried about mostly but all the modules which are sometimes hard to collect) which actually makes the experience more addictive (gambling in a good way?).
The additional challenge for me is that I role-playing the game so I don’t use additional chars, or out-of-game tools (while playing). I somehow find it more thrilling and interesting not knowing where I’m going, who is or not waiting in there, and how it all end. And making do with what I have in space :smiley:
Fly safe! Thank you once again! And I hope to meet you somewhere in space one day :slight_smile:

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