Find specific named wormhole

I’m looking for a particular named wormhole. I found one finder service but they charge hundreds of millions of ISK and I can’t afford that. Is there a cheaper service around?

Are you talking about Thera or the drifter wormholes? As those are the only named wormhole-systems in-game.

Not Thera. I mean wormholes that start with J, and then a sequence of numbers i.e. J123456. I have a particular wormhole with a particular J[INSERT NUMBERS] attached which I am looking for.

Either you are going to have to pay those amounts of ISK or go hunt for it yourself. Due to how wormholes spawn, finding one specific wormhole is a lot of work.

Wingspan is the only group I know of that offers this service. Yes, they charge several hundred million ISK to do it.

Another option might be to join a group like Signal Cartel and simply wait for someone to find it via their wormhole mapper.

Searching for one specific wormhole can be a long and tedious process.

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Thanks. Not many viable options.

Another option is to track someone who is living in it. This used to be much more viable with the watch list, but if you can find someone you think is living in it via killboards, you can use locator agents (or just follow them) to find the system with the static just as they enter or leave the hole.

Without the watch list you probably won’t have much of shot since you won’t even know if they are online, but you could add the corp a contact and camp the hub or trade lanes and hope someone passes. Then try to follow and/or spam locator agents until the agent reports they are back in a wormhole and then go to the last system you saw them in and start scanning sigs. It will take a lot of time, but probably much less then attempting to randomly find it again.

The most efficient though is to just grind missions for a few hours and pay a group to find it for you.

EDIT: Oh, one other low-cost, but also low-probability option is to just check here daily and hope you get lucky with a Thera connection:

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