I lost my ship and wasted hours cuz of one idiot

I’m confused.
You successfully used the bookmark to use the wormhole, multiple times. You chose to bounce between stations and the wormhole, then are upset someone used the opportunity you created for content?

Welcome to Eve Online, where you will waste your sexual drive, along with the best hours and years of your life, preparing and theory-crafting, only to get trolled in a matter of seconds by a bunch of other no-life virgins at a gate/wh camp.

Best thing this game could do for everyone’s sake (mostly the lonely wives and husbands) is to just die.

In before Eve is Dying meme…

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You’ve got ninjad by the “EVE should die” fellow. :stuck_out_tongue:

He was not actually bouncing. I probed him down, 187AU away, switched ship, warped to him, and the rest is killboard. So he was staying still for at least 3min ignoring dscan of the incoming probes and Sabre.


post the kill…post the kill…post the kill…

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So they just… sat there.

In a wormhole.

No support.

No friends to call.

Just… sitting.

Never not take the bait, even if it isn’t bait.

In space, nobody can hear you scream…

We really need to wire Eve up to microphones and broadcast the stream

The more I read this, the funnier it gets.

OP, if you knew the bookmark was wrong, why did you not bookmark it for yourself so the issue would be fixed?


I see OP already talking ■■■■ in Thera local again :wink:


Wow i never used someonelses bookmarks in low or null… as long as not fleet fc warp. Last time was year ago … i have been fc ing at null and used one of members tag on gate… the second i laded prop mod on achor on me … 3 sec later large fleet warped on exact tag ! …

What ever you do in eve online … results are your responsibility !!! …
Also bla bla bla

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Dearest Mr. Novas,

I am in absolute agreement with you. You utilized a service that did that delivered neither on its premise nor its promise, and as an effect, another’s negligence has led to your grievous bodily harm and mental anguish. As such, you are entitled to compensation for all damages suffered, as well as any and all applicable punitive fees. To that end, I am willing to launch a lawsuit on your behalf, seeking to collect from all guilty parties, including CCP, the scout in question from eve-scout.com (and the service provider itself), and any and all non-passive observers on this forum who have added to the emotional distress you have experienced over this event. If circumstances are favorable, it might even be possible to go class-action with this, so I encourage all other affected parties to step forward with their injurious experiences. Make no mistake: you are entitled. Please contact me in person for further correspondence.

Yours to serve,

Bartholomew Percival Augustine III, PhD, Esq.


Hey OP. It was me, I messed your bookmarks. If ya wanna any reimb speak to my big brown daddy… Or find your brain. The sec option will be cheaper for ya for sure…

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