Interacting with bookmarks disables all Hotkeys and other non-mouse commands

is that a bug or a feature?
when using a window such as “local bookmarks” or just the normal bookmark window, all hotkeys are disabled. as example you can;t click on a bookmark and then press V to turn the camera in that direction, or warp to it using the keyboard.

warping to a safe-spot while cloaked, isn’t possible as you need to uncloak first and that won’t work with the ouse over the locations window.

i usually click in space next to the location window so i can still use my keyboard and then like a school-boy right click and warp to (or whatever) :wink:


anyone maybe has a way to bypass this “problem”/Bug ?

I don’t think this is bug. When you select any chat window, letter hotkeys do not work as hotkeys because you are using a chat window. The local locations window shouldn’t be considered as a “chat window” by the client to fix this.
Personally, I would like bookmarks to be overview objects. Local locations window works, I like it, but I think having bookmarks in dedicated overview tab would be more convenient. Also it will fix hotkey issue with local locations window.
Currently i just keep in mind that LL is “chat” and after i use it i click in space to deselect it.

yeah i agree, alltough i prefer to have local Location as a external window which lives most of the time behind the overview (just looking out enough so i can always activate it.
but i do like your idea as well.

but the local Locations window assuming text entry is clearly a bug :slight_smile:

i work arround this by clicking into space every time to ensure the hotkeys do work, but doing time sensetive stuff like warping to a bookmarkk while the gankers waiting you do decloak, is a bit a problem as you are forced to use the mouse to do this.

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