Radial Menu - Warp to within

I prefer to use the radial menu for things such as warping to and docking. I have checked, double checked, and triple checked to make sure that my default warp to distance is 0m.

The issue I’m having is that when I use the radial menu to ‘warp to distance’, it’s causing me to frequently land at 10km or more.

You need to be more careful how fast you click-move over the warp button in the RM. I have had that in the past as well when I released the mouse button a split second too late and it was already over the edge of the button to add range.

That said, the 10 km mark is quite far out from the button, maybe half the button length. That’s a lot of mouse travel for a mis-timed click.

Yeah I learned something new. I had no idea I could adjust my warp to distance on the fly by how far from the radial menu I drag my mouse!

That is a relief as I really enjoy using the radial menu. Consider this resolved and we can blame it on my ignorance :slight_smile:

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