Rclick-in-space menu not updating correctly

Noticed this since a few days. If you open the rclick menu while still dropping out of warp, it won’t update with the “Warp to” or “Warp to at …” entries on the first category you select, after the ship is completely out of warp. It used to be that, once the odometer shows m/s, by simply mousing over the category name it would update the options. Now the entire rclick menu needs to be closed, then re-opened to get back the options.

BR filed.

It is messed up. But it is better than about 4-6 days ago when it didn’t work at all.

Now it seems random, sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. But I am actually not sure if it wasn’t like this before. And this randomness might be purely intentional just like the 20 years old issue with next jump sometimes not popping up on Select Item. All in order to make accidents to happen.

It never did that in the first place. The right click menu is static and only displays what is possible to do at the time of the right click. If you want a dynamically changing menu, you have to use the Radial Menu.

Sometimes it updates. Whether it updated always before I am not sure with, but I am using this method to warp over space from the very beginning. Radial menu is garbage tbh.

The navigation options never update in the right click menu when you open it before your warp ends, and neither do new things like newly available bookmarks. It’s been like that for the last 11 years at least.

In contrast, the radial menu updates the navigation options after warp ended and it’s more accurate than the right click menu, but each their own.

Well since I came back to the game 2 months ago, it worked for me almost always if not always. It stopped working like 6 days ago and for about 3 days it never updated. Last 3 days it is somewhat working but it seems random. Sometimes it updates, sometime it doesn’t depending on when exactly you right clicked.

There were more players reporting this issue in English help channel - right click menu not updating when hovering over other celestials as they were used to. So it is not like we are making this up.

Do you use Photon or the existing UI?


I have also made a bug report. @Dyver_Phycad you are wrong. You are straight up gaslighting. it did use to update when hovering over a new bookmark even if you opened it in mid warp. I used it all the time in PVP when you are chased.

BR: EBR-236972

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