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Since you’re working on most of the interface, I have three suggestions in case you plan to iterate on the right-click menu:

Suggestion 1: Add an option to quickly navigate the right-click menu with a keyboard, by assigning numbers to each entry.

Label right-click menu with numbers. You right-click, then you press the sequence of keys corresponding to the menu and submenu for the action you want. If “Warp to” is the second option of the right-click menu menu and “20km” the third option in that sub-menu, I right click on something, press “2 3”, and that shoud initiate warp at 20.
Also could be done with other parts, like the overview or the D-Scan results.

Suggestion 2: Add icons to the actions that have one already associated (like “warp to”, “show info”, etc) in the right-click menu.

It’s much easier spotting a familiar icon in the heat of battle than reading.

Suggestion 3: Prioritize the options in the main right-click menu and in sub-menus (most used on top), and organize them in a clear, rational layout.

I think this is a long overdue revision, being the right-click menu one of the main ways to input commands.

Clean the first level of the tree of rarely used options (capture portrait, report isk spammer, place bounty, quit corporation) and organize these options into submenus (everything related to Contacts under the “contacts” tab, for example).

Reword options to simplify vocabulary and avoid confusion: “Repair…” instead of the current “Get repair quote”. And I’ve lost count of the times I’ve tried to invite somebody to a fleet by going to the “invite to” submenu or almost clicking the “invite to duel” option. Name these “chat rooms” and “challenge to a duel”, for example.

Put urgent, or frequently used options separated from the stuff you use once a year or less.

i panic every time CCP touches the UI. especially the right click context menus.
i am blind. i rely heavily on muscle memory to execute many in game commands.
something as simple as reordering menu lists is a major issue for me.
recently i have dealt with semi opaque windows, windows changing size or location on the screen windows that reopen after i have closed them because of a session change or even log off.
more significantly is the incredible number of clicks and mouse movements it takes just to log in and claim rewards.
compression isnt just a click, you click, a box opens and you click again as if you didnt mean to click the first time, then the box stays open blocking UI elements unless you close the box.
it seems that CCP is more about making things pretty than useful. perhaps they need someone on staff that plays the game to help discover what is useful instead of just cool looking

In every UI update, CCP always have REPACKAGE and REPROCESS right next to each other. It’s like they want you to click the wrong one.

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