Basic design flaw in the Rightclick context menu

Having dead unclickable space in a context menu makes it unholy uncomfortable to use, entire width of each visible option has to be highligted and clickable, this is the very basics of a context menu, anyone with UI/UX education knows this fact, why did CCP add dead unclickabe waste space in their new one? The entire visual width MUST be clickable, that is a law of design of a context menu, if you have dead space you have failed completely.



EVE’s UI has never been good according to my standards.
The old UI was a mess and difficult to use.
Photon UI is a mess and is difficult to use.

At least they’re keeping with tradition.

PS: Phonton looks nice. Got to give it at least that.

The people who made this DO NOT PLAY EVE.

CCP please hire an employee who plays the game!!!



You dont have to play the game to understand context menus, everyone gets it right. But not CCP apparently. Looks over function.

look at the drone ui for an example of bad ui design…
you right click to give a command and then you cant actually give that command as all of a sudden a prior invisible popup clogs that screen area where you could actually give the command and as added insult that popup could be used to give the same command if you can get your brain to switch from ‘i want to use a context menu bar-like shape’ to ‘i need to left click on a small icon’ before you are actually dead and the drone windows disappears anyway

I guess its fair to add an example of a great context menu as well, Firefox has a superb design that also works well with tons of sub-context menus. Entire width is clickable, no wasted dead space. Fast and easy to control and use. Unlike the Photon Ui abomination in the game right now.


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