Lots of wasted dead space in window frames

Hey UI team, thank you for the work you do and for trying new things to freshen up the game. I’m not gonna try and tackle everything like submenus and all that jazz, because it seems like they’ve got it… uh… handled lol.

My trade is intelligence analysis. The efficient use of screen space in my products is very important to conveying the maximum amount of information in one slide. I feel the Eve UI is very much so like an intelligence product, and it’s fantastic at getting a lot of information to eyeballs. There is however a lot of dead space in window headers and borders, which when added up, ends up taking a good deal of space that could make things look more snapped together, and compact, while also having the mild side effect of increasing visibility. [See attached image]

At my position, allowable dead space is measured in pixels, with the upper limit of allowable dead space pixels is something like 6 for headers and title information, and 3 for borders. An intelligence product with little dead space and maximum information is worth more to my customers and I than a product that looks neat but hasn’t utilized the space to maximum efficiency. Bonus points if you can also make an option to have a ‘very small’ text size for UI, so the overview can look nice and not all squished like that.

That’s basically my Ted-Talk, but wait there’s more if you don’t hate me yet!

In the attached image, notice the window headers. I would drive over to your guys’ office and wax your cars if there was a toggle option to turn off/minimize window headers on an individual window basis. A lot of players know where their windows are and which ones do what, so if I could turn off just the window labels and save that screen space, it would be absolutely incredible for my semi-cramped feeling setup.

Y’all have done good work on the new UI so far and you’re so close to the finished product! Keep it up!



I share this complaint about ALL “modern” ui design. Imagine taking all the books in the world and reprinting them in a font size and spacing for 1st graders.

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