QOL Request - Colored stargate text in right-click menu when a route is set

Hi there, just a quick idea for the right-click-in-space menu.

It would be nice to have the next gate in the route highlighted yellow like it is on the overview so that it stands out in the list of available gates.

This would be nice to have when your overview is cluttered and need to find a gate that your route includes (like the Jita 4-4 undock, or systems with lots of citadels)



You can just create an overview tab that is only gates.

+1 for the idea. Seems like one of those little things that could only be a QOL improvement, so no reason not to agree with it.

if its something they can do i don’t see why not, but since the r-click menu has nothing color coded currently it may not be something it supports and this is definitely not worth any amount of lengthy dev time.

to go with the advice above you can also just sort by icon if you don’t want to flip between overviews

I could do that but I don’t want to change to another tab for a single overview action. Then change back to my normal general-purpose tab.

This should be added for NPE purposes.

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Perhaps a single line that stays at the top of your overview for your autopilot destination?

then just do what i said and sort by icon stairgates always sort to the top or bottom.

also when you jump into a system your selected item will always be the next gate/station in your route to you can just click warp there

Dont forget you CAN right-click the “next waypoint” box on the Route hud and get the same context menu options as you would from overview or brackets.

I didn’t know that! Learn something new everyday I guess =) Awfully small target for the mouse though.

I’m glad someone finally sees my point I don’t want to change the whole tab I just want to change the Stargate color because that yellow is really hard to see

how is it hard to see? its about the only color on the overview unless you have saturated it

Shade of yellow is very hard to see when your difficult angle I am in bed because I can not reposition the screen well enough to sit because I can’t tilt my head forward enough to get it close enough to the screen it’s not a bright enough shade of yellow

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