Change the color of the next gate in route

when i set a course in game, the next gate in line will be marked in pale yellow to set it apart from the normal white gates on my overview. there is no other visual indication.

i think this is really bad, and it annoys me since i first played this game. why this poor contrast? yellow-white would be bad if it was a highly saturated yellow. but pale yellow-white? is this applied sadism?

now i realize that not every player has a problem with this design choice. maybe its my poor eye sight. maybe its my hardware (though through different models during my eve career). i do not think this matters. it is a fact that the color we have now gives some players (at least one, me) a hard time, and it is also a fact that there is simply no easy identifiable reason for this uneconomical game design.

so please! change that color. pick a color, that is easily differentiated from white.

to make better distinguishable for players with even less perfect eye sight then i have, it would be GREAT to also have a slightly different icon for the selected gate. a perfect solution would be to make the color customizable with the options AND a slightly different icon for the marked gate.

but really, just a different color with a higher contrast already would go a LONG way.

so… pretty please. do eet.


next gate in the route will also be either first or last in the overview is you sort by icons and automagically pre-selected when you first jump into system so all you have to do en-route is to push jump button.

I agree with the OP, in the past it was tough to see the gate highlighted in the Overview. However since CCP recently buffed the amount of sunlight glaring in space, it’s now even harder to see the highlighted gate icon.

So yeah, definitely need to make the gate icon another color. I say make it green for go.


untill you jump a regional gate. then the last gate you jumped through will be selected.
great way to die in a travle ceptor when going to low through tama.
in any case, even if this was working reliably, it was no excuse for the color scheme and does not substitute for an ergonomic color.


i said that not to shot down you idea but to offer some ways to mitigate the issue. More controls over the color highlights is good imo, but i recall CCP complaining saying that they dont want to clutter options even more (sigh…).

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fine. i even agree with this. no need for an option really. just pick a different color with distinctive contrast to white.

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