Set Destination Color Settings

Currently if you set autopilot the next gate in line will turn yellow as opposed to the default white. Would it be possible to add an option to control what color it changes to? For example what if I want the next gate in line to appear as green instead of yellow.

The closest thing I have found is using colorblind mode to eliminate yellow, but of course that changes everything. The plus side it it makes my next gate a really easy to see baby blue. There are settings in the overview that do change objects in space, but it seems to not work on Non-player made structures.


It isn’t the Autopilot turning the gates yellow, it’s your Route to the destination.

I wouldn’t use Autopilot if I were you :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
And yellow in the Overview is just perfect.

Ok let me correct myself since its crucial… smh.

If you Set Destination to something in a location other than where your character currently is then the next object in space on route to your destination will change from a default white to yellow on the Overview in order to help you distinguish which object to right click and select Warp to/Dock. Or if you are of a lower intelligence Autopilot to but I would never lower myself to that. While you can change all sorts of things on the overview, there is no option to define a color other than yellow. As there are options to change overview settings for a large majority of things and setup tabs for specific actions such as mining, PVP or ratting, I was hoping for an option to make navigation easier for some people. I realize that players such as, Fifie Brindacier, were graced with a GPS shoved so far up their clone to pod interface that its considered an implant. But some such as myself do not possess the ability to know the exact route to and from all of Eve’s… what… 8,000 dynamic systems and WHs and as such must rely on Set Destination as we “haul” stuff around the universe. Making things as unimportant as navigation easier to accomplish by allowing a yellow to be changed to a green or baby blue, or even black should I want an additional challenge would be a welcome QOL improvement, though it may be considered less than optimal.

Thank you for your time and consideration


I don’t see how changing the color of the gates on the Overview will make navigation easier but hey, if you can get CCP to let us change the color for that then it won’t hurt anything but more power to you.

:sweat_smile: very good. I love it.

I also set my destinations into the computer when I travel outside my region but the color of the gates on the route has nothing to do with knowing where my next jump should be on the route.

You’re welcome :blush:



Personally, I don’t mind the yellow, but I can sympathise with wanting to be able to adjust it, and I always vote for customisability.


I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this.
It can be hard to differentiate the white from the yellow… More so when the blue-light filter is on. A customization option would be very welcome since either my eyes or monitor are making it difficult.

Okay … I will say it.

What Lilith means is that Yellow is too hard to see and we need something better. And if that is not what she meant then I will just substitute my reasons for the change.

This has always been the case for me. I used to stare at the Overview waiting for a gate to stand out but now - instead - I just rt-click the 1st node in the a route ant crawl top left.

I could blame it on bad eyesight, but according to the doctor I my color vision is superior.

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