Here's an idea for a quality life Improvement for some people including myself

when you set a route by setting destination sometimes the yellow is unreadable on the overview and it doesn’t always select the next destination it would be nice to make the color more readable or have the option to change it to something you prefer besides yellow
or give the whole entire next destination a yellow highlight or another color of your choosing on the overview

there’s also a irritating bug I encountered with jump Gates if you have them included and your route sometimes it selects a gate you already went through and sometimes you burn backwards towards the gate you just came through if you’re not paying attention can get you killed instead of continuing to the next gate on the route


This would be a fix I would appreciate more than almost anything else!! If you make your customer squint, you are doing it badly.

The route color fix, that is.

Pro tip: r-click on a box in your “route” panel. You don’t even need to use overview.

My own eye-hand coordination slowness makes if faster for me to index finger click in the overview with my right hand and then hit ‘d’ with my left hand middle-most finger. Or ‘s’ or ‘a’ as appropriate.

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