Change route color from light yellow to something with contract to white

I can’t really see which one is my next route because it’s light yellow instead of white.

Could we have it another color or an option to select it? Maybe based on theme or make it part of the overview coloring scheme?


Would probably help if the entire row was yellow and not just the icon.


Yup, definitely needs to be changed.

Especially in some area’s of space it’s very tough to see the highlighted icon.

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+1. Maybe have it use the highlight color set in the UI? (same as for the scanner window)

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Always voting for usability.

If for no other reason than to prevent threads like these to descend into obscurity, like what happened to this one, too, whose OP asked for the same or similar thing but where it didn’t manage to gain enough traction to remain active before this new thread here spawned:


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I have suggested this before. Likely a single entry in a database or line of code to make the change.

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