Several "Keep at range" buttons?

Has it ever been proposed to include more than one Keep at Range button ?

Oftentimes in engagements you have to change those numbers according to a specific situation/types of ships you engage, and changing them manually, ie putting the numbers in, when only a few seconds to react can make a big difference in a fight.

So why not have the option to set several keep at range buttons ? Allowing a more reactive switch from that to manual piloting, depending on each situation.

Have you used the radial menu? You can dynamically specify any range up to 30km at any time using it (click - hold - drag outward). It’s only at other changes where you need to customize it with a “set default” (which can exceed 100km)

Yea Radial menu, you still have to manually drag to your desired range, if you miss the drag by a few thousand meters, sometimes it can mess you up in a fight.

Why not also have sets of readytopush buttons ? Would make UI navigation life so much easier.

Without cluttering the UI, I suppose if you push-and-hold the keep-at-range and orbit buttins in the selected item window then a drop-down menu could appear with non-primary presets :thinking::pen::spiral_notepad:

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exactly, and also being able to select and extract/move them where you want on the screen, as fixed buttons.

UI “clutter” is ok as long you have the options to tailor it how you want best.

Customizable ‘selected item’ box in general please.

I almost never use that box for ‘align’ ‘show info’ or ‘track’

So to be able to switch out those buttons for different keep-at-range, orbit and warpto distances would be great.

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Big ask, Daichi!

That would take a team of CCP developers years to develop.

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