Keep asteroid at range could be useful

When I am in combat, paying attention to mining lasers, monitoring local and d-scan to keep from being killed, etc. it would be really useful to be able to switch asteroids without having to pay too much attention to my distances. Just like in combat. I don’t want to orbit an asteroid in a congested belt I get in places that are too slow to get out of and become vulnerable. But if keeping asteroids at range was enabled I could simply pick an asteroid, click keep at range, then go back to monitoring the other stuff I need to monitor. Just like in combat when I keep an opponent at range. Then when I got to the range I wanted I could align to a nearby station and be ready to run if attacked. I have never understood why this feature was not available anyway. If there is a reason to not have it then let me know. Otherwise, it would be a really nice feature to enable.

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Asteroids don’t move. You can simply stop at range you like.

Pro tip. Make bookmarks at belt so each of them cover your max range. That way you only warp station <-> bookmark and don’t need to move to strip whole belt.

There are few things here that need to be pointed out:

I am not sure where you picked this up from, but in combat one MUST pay close attention to distances. Not doing so will often mean death.

  • As the previous poster pointed out; asteroids don’t move.
  • There is a “keep-at-range” function right next to the “orbit” button. It also works on 'roids too.
  • Right-click the “orbit” or “keep-at-range” functions and one can select a pre-set range to use in the future.
  • Manual piloting is not terribly difficult in a barge. A little manual movement combined with the “keep-at-range” or “orbit” or “stop” functions simply requires a little practice.

I sincerely hope you are not referring to “pre-aligning” while your speed is at 0 m/sec.
Because that is a myth.

To be “aligned” one has to be at 75% max speed and have a trajectory within 5 degrees of the intended destination.
At 0 m/sec it takes takes the same amount of time to “align” in any direction regardless of what direction the ship is visually pointing at.
(see: the game sees ships only as spheres with math in them. If there is no speed, there is no “front” of the ship. The graphics one sees are merely cosmetic).

Overall… I am not entirely sure what new feature is being asked for here.
“Keep-at-range” is already a built-in command.

You can also put a Higgs Anchor rig on your miner and slowly pull away.

Eventually you’ll have to turn around but it is an option.

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Keep-at-range is built in but for some reason it is disabled for asteroids. I would also like it to be enabled so to be able to just hit a single button to keep at range on an asteroid, rather than having to manually pilot into position. For me it is so the ship is close enough for the mining drones to be effective, but far enough so you don’t bump the rocks when wrapping off.

I can confirm that ‘keep at range’ is blacked out for roids and clicking on it will give you a notification saying:

you cannot keep Veldspar at range

You can use the keep at range keyboard hotkey on an asteroid IIRC

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OP, there you go. Already in game.

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