Keep at range Bug since last update

Radial menu and rt click select Keep at Range 30km… Instead of turning away from the enemy, the ship flies right at em. I’ve lost 2 ships to this bug. I want at least one replaced.

if not the ship then June and July sub…

LOL, and you just let the ship go right ahead and do it and didn’t try to stop it? And you want CCP to give you two months sub for what? A couple million ISK ship? LOL

By the way, if the enemy ship is faster than yours, you will never be able to keep it at range…


I think your using keep at range wrong. If you are at 70km and you say keep this rat at 30km your ship will close to 30km flying straight at the rat. If you are at 15km and say keep at 30km your ship will fly straight away from rat. Once you are at 30km you will keep fly straight away from the rat. Flying straight at and straight away is the same thing. Use orbit or manually orbit, manual orbit best orbit, because you get to decide your trajectory.


Well, mister I’ve been ear so long I’ve forgotten how the beginning of the game works, Max range for me is 30k and 80mil is a lot for a newbie
So continue to be the reason new people want out of the game.

Oh… and Im asking for Jun/jul repaid which I havent received yet… nothing I’ve gotten already.

A) Last time I’ve had issues like that, I’ve cleared the cache-files and it has fixed it.
B) The only people who can do the reimbursement and/or repaying you for those months are the GM’s, so make a support ticket.

Thank you for the helpful response.

We are telling you how not to lose your ship for next time. We are giving you advice. We are trying to help you. No need to slap our hand in friendship, down.

If you cant handle a ship loss, then yes, this game is not for you.

If you cannot afford to lose your ship, then you broke one of the cardinal rules of EVE Online: Never fly a ship you cannot afford to lose.

Either way, its not our fault that you are leaving, anymore than a person who doesnt like FPS games will leave after playing an hour of Call Of Duty. There is no game that every single person, ever, will always love forever and ever.

Mate, can I ask how you are losing these Omens? It’s weird, they should easily handle the NPCs on those killmails. The damage taken on some indicates you never switched your repper on at all, and it should run for over 5 minutes with all guns on, MWD off. Or put the MWD on and burn away, your optimal is like 28km, and 40m3 of drones can help with smaller stuff that’s near.

What level mission are these in?

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Start with Distribution missions firstly. That’s my suggestion.

To expand on something written earlier regarding orbiting, that keeps your traversal up resulting in the larger NPC ships to have trouble tracking you. Learning to manually spiral into optimal is a skill worth learning.

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