'Keep at distance' - unlock it for EVERYTHING


As it is you can only ‘keep at range’ mobile objects (or rather entities?) such as ships etc.

At first glance, this makes sense since you may not want a ship to move out of module range or you yourself want to stay out of range of module X…

The thing is: ‘keep at range’ can also be used to ‘approach object until distance X’

I think it be very useful if you could use it for static objects too.

Miners for instance could use it to approach asteroids at 14.9km without having to worry they move away too much from the rest or end up touching the nose with the rock (get stuck/and killed).

Same for other objects you rather not want to get too close to during PvE or even PvP or whatever else you do.

There is no reason to limit such a useful option.
I am confident players can think of a good personal use for this.

Not like there is any drawback.
More options to choose how to approach space are always welcome I think.

Eve can be a bit clunky on the controls, might as well round a few edges :slight_smile:



Yes please, it’s so strange that I can Keep At Range a scatter container but not a gas cloud


I have to agree with you though is is odd this isn’t already in the game

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The only workaround to this is Q-clicking in space twice and trying to do the maths in your head to keep at range of a static object. This is 2023 EVE, that’s to much work to do :woozy_face:

I agree, something like this should be implemented.

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