Reverse Thrusters

Used by anyone trying to maintain a specific position relative to a can, asteroid, cloud, other ship, PI customs, etc.

Medium slot, same general idea as AB/MWD etc.

Not very fast, like 5% speed?

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Just let it all out, we are here for you <3

Excuse me if I misunderstood but… Doesn’t keep at range do this? I understand the click menu says “you cannot keep x at range” but if you bind a keep at range hotkey to your keyboard you can use it on anything… For whatever loophole reason…

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Sort of but the ship turns around…

Ships don’t really have a “face”. The direction they point is just the direction they have velocity in, with some visual delay depending on mass. For example if you warp a 1.99 align inty to a spot while facing away from it, then facing it, at 0m/s, the result will be the same. This is why some ships warp sideways etc.


Hi Salt Foambreaker, while I think this is a good concept - I really want to see a change to ships getting stuck inside mining fields between rocks and trying to warp away from stations and getting stuck inside polygons first.

Hi, it’s not quite the same thing. That’s for pvp.

I thought that this was a group therapy thread for Salt, who is in a burnout from all the sperg from the other threads and is now roleplaying as natocha_naarian.

But yea, just keybind “keep at range” to a button and select the range you want by rightclicking the keep at range button on your overwiev and type anything on the “defaul range” dropbox. That will let you keep any range for any selectable object in space.

Everything in EVE is pvp. I use the range shortcut while mining.

It’s different when you mine using an orca as you sit on top of the rocks.

Actually I keep my orca close to my mining drone. Wich makes her dancing around a bit.:grin: That way I only have to navigate the drone itself.
But when i’m fleet mining the freighter keeps following the orca at 1000m.

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