Break aligning after Pointing

Hi guys have a nice little thing which is anoying to all of us. Its the fact that the shipt stops when u warp and someone Point u. It would be way better if the ship just align to the warp point und the disruptor just break tthe warp. The reason why it ■■■■ right know is that it takes 1 sec til u see it and another second till the server realise it. U losing half of ur speed because of that. which means ur enemy getting closer and u have to a fight with the sever till u can finaly realign to ur align point.
This is a nice little thing which wouldnt break anything but thousands of guys would say dude that a nice thing.

Espacly Ceptors and small ■■■■ getting efectet by that because in 2 seconds they loosing 2000m/s. Same on anything else.

align before giving the warp command


Some Situations dont allow that

he means, align then warp in two close commands, in the same tick.
The only issue is, when you warp to a BM that is not visible (so you can’t select it)

No that’s not what I mean, you could very well take your time between the commands if the situation requires it.

Idk what situations OP is talking about, it works fine for me.

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I mean when u burn with MWD on in 1 direction Click warp and ur ships is not 100 aligned and u get pointet u lose nearly all ur speed

Does anyone else feel like they are communicating with someone from twenty years ago who can only text with a number pad?


Is it a warp scrambler or a warp disruptor they’re using on you? Because if you burn with MWD on and they warp scramble you… your MWD is forced off. And yea, that’s going to make you lose nearly all your speed.

I think I get what you mean. Back then people could save a lot of time by substituting long words like ‘you’ with a single letter, because you had to press some buttons up to four times to get a single letter.

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If you’re talking about that one second before you go into warp where your ship slows down, you’re already in warp at that point, even when you being slowing.

Let’s have a look.

OP’s either a troll or just one of the usual suspects,
where people can’t spell and barely heard of paragraphs.
The name and spelling suggest he’s a troll and you’re all falling for it.

I’m not convinced these people don’t all belong to the group of “trolls”.

They usually also only start to care …
… when they got shot down …
… but didn’t care at all before that.

He’s not honest about his motives and intentions.

We can safely assume that the OP didn’t think through his “wouldn’t break anything” theory. He’s trying to point at thousands of imaginary people who didn’t care before and will not need to care afterwards, because they’ll explode anyway.

OP wants to have it easier to run away. I’ll just assume he’s able to break lock, which allows him to get rid of the point, because there’s not really much left to consider. He’s bothered about the fact that he’s being slowed down and apparently the time it takes him to reach the threshold is too long … and he explodes.

Or rather exploded, because this thread must be coming from somewhere.

In the end is it quite clear that this would most likely allow people to get away easier, for which there really is no reason to. If this change didn’t somehow have that effect, then OP wouldn’t be asking for it. He’d definitely not be asking for a change that actually did nothing.

In any case … you’ve wasted your time reading my post for (mostly) nothing,
because the OP can’t even spell “you”,
which makes the TL;DR of my post a short, but pointed:

■■■■ off.

Thank you for your time.

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I mean when u burning in direction X and warp to Y and its not in the 15° radius but you press warp and get POINTED by a Disruptor, your ship becomes the stop command which means u slow down to 0 m/s. It would be way better if you have this Situation that youu align to the thing where you pressed warped to. So you don’t have do spam click in one Direction again.
By the way it’s good for everyone. The miner who dualbox 10 Skiffs and fleetwarp or the Carrier who get pointet by a Ceptor and dont slow down a bit because he pressed warped before. I’m a PVP guy but it’s not about me im generaly saying that instead of slowing down to 0m/s you should get aligned to the location where you tried to warp to.

So don’t press warp.
Press Align and you’ll keep going.

After you get far enough away that you can get out of their point range, then press warp.


i mean, you’re not wrong. That is the solution. Add in a little prop heat if needed.

The advice the others have given you is right and up-to-date. And given your other posts, I agree with Solstice on the fact that you are either a troll or some AFK botter who got his precious mining fleet burned by CODE in part due to the warp delay you want gone, and now writing a post in order to get that removed so you can afk even more. Welcome to New Eden, mate. HTFU and go buy a mining permit from CODE. You probably are in a solo corp anyway. If you ragequit, send me your assets (PLEX as well). I’ll probably use them to fund my alliance’s MQP. Contract can be taken at Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant or Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

There is other ways to text

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