Delays to get into Warp

Has anyone noticed how when under fire getting into warp takes longer?

It’s cost me a couple of hulls ( such is EVE ) so I am now wondering how the mechanic works. Is it where the enemy fire is classed as an impact, so it kinda bumps you?


Confused Skirmisher, of Null.


Any chance you’re being scrambled? What enemies are you typically fighting?

Did you have an AB or MWD on? Because then it would take longer to aligne.

AB, and it was off. Is the align-timer tied to when it switches off as you align?

Need to ask an expert, I have noticed that when I am flying industrial ships empty it jumps quickly, however when I am full it has a 2 to 4 second delay and often lands short of the gate…is this something you noticed.

This is in your head.


When under fire you get an adrenaline rush that can make it feel as it takes longer. :explodyparrot:


basically you need to have your speed vector in a cone in order to warp off.
If you go fast in a direction that is not aligned to your destination, it gives you proportionally more time to reach the cone (because your speed vector is further from the cone and your acceleration vector is limited)

SO if you want to warp off, KEEP YOUR AB ON.
when rats start scram+web you and you were going fast in a MWD fit, you take a very long time to align because your speed was completely off your acceleration.

There is no align timer. When warping the ship needs to have 75% of the max velocity in the direction if the warp target within 5° or something. The time it takes for you to enter warp then depends in the direction and speed you are already moving at and how long it takes for the ship to change it. If you move into the opposite direction it will take a lot of time. If you however initiate warp into the direction you are already moving you will warp instantly. So just always stay aligned.

AB and MWD make this worse because it takes longer for the ship to change direction.

No, I never noticed that before. I’m not even sure if the cargo mass is accounted for in the ship movement. Maybe someone else can answer that. The landing short of the gate is just random I think and happens to everyone from time to time.

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Definitely could be, but since warp to 0 then it jumps immediately without cargo but with cargo it sits or lands short, then either starts leveling axis or slow boating kinda seems to contradict this.


It was said that when einstein was asked to explain the relativity theory, he answered once somthing like “when you are discussing with a boring man, times seems to pass very slowly, when you are with a nice woman, times passes too quickly…”

Quantum physics gives me headaches trying to process too much data with an out of date processor.
Is it a particle or is it a wave…or is it both, observed its behaving like a wave but unobserved it acts as a particle, if I am paying attention it appears that time dilation is at play, when it is unobserved nothing seems amiss.

It is something different than both of them but shows partial behaviour of both those familiar phenomenon. And the “observer” thing is just confusing because what the physicist is actually meaning by that is he bombarts it with other particles to measure it and therefore influences the system, so it behaves differently. So not confusing at all.


My head got ganked.

Just be glad you did not end up in that box like some infamous cat …

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What does that number mean in Navigation that when you mouse over it says “Align Time” and then it says “Time to enter Warp from a full stop”

Wouldn’t that be similar to or a timer?

It is. From full stop. In combat situation you are not at full stop.

If you want to see where your ship is actually facing (not what’s displayed sometimes) use the tactical overview and observe the arrow. If you’re not moving there is no arrow.

Advanced players overshoot their alignment many degrees then push warp as the arrow is going over their intended destination, or simply use ‘the force’ because they’ve done it so many times it’s second nature. Doing this will make aligning with a prop mod much faster.

To take it to the next level a right angle warp from full thrust can be done in incredibly little time in large ships by combining this method with timely deactivation of the prop mod manipulating your max speed and through this your current % speed.

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