New Skill for warp

Something that speeds up the Acceleration and Deceleration while in warp. Players probably spend more time (depending on ship of course) during this phase of warp. Be even better if you’d just remove the acceleration and deceleration and make it like Star Trek / Star Wars / And other great SCIFI movies. Enter and Exit warp plain and simple.

Any skill which improves ship agility will, to my knowledge, improve both align and “de-align” (if there’s a term for it I do not know it) time.

Skills like Evasive Maneuvering, for example.

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Do you have any quotes on that? I would like to see confirmation.

Quotes, no. Supporting evidence, however:

Nanofiber and Inertial Stabs both improve align time, which should conversely also increases the speed at which you exit warp.

As a quick test, get a battleship with a terrible align time, undock it from a station and stop your ship. Then warp it from a station to a gate (jump the gate so you have a definitive “exited warp” signal). Then fit it with 5 i-stabs, check it’s align time, and repeat the test under the same circumstances.

If N is the difference in align time (say a 5 second improvement) then your total trip time will either be improved by N, 1N>improvement>2N, 2N, or >2N depending on how mechanics work (>2N if deceleration does not follow the same formula as acceleration).

If your trip time is improved only by N, it does not affect deceleration.
If your trip time is improved more than N but less than 2N, there is less effect on decel.
If your trip time is improved by 2N, it uniformly influences both accel and decel.
If your tirp time is improved by >2N, it imparts greater effect to deceleration than acceleration (as accel is already known).

Align time doesn’t equal warp acceleration. Or at least that is the assumed.

If you wanted it to be a fairer test, be fully aligned in both cases.

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Apologies, I misunderstood your query. Thought you were taking about the time transitioning from not warping to warping, and from warping to not warping, not the rate of acceleration once you enter warp and the rate of deceleration as you exit warp.

In that circumstance yes, pre-aligned would certainly be a more accurate test.

On a related but different note, I am not certain this note would provide benefit. Everyone would train it, ships would need to be rebalanced based on this skill (ships like the mach and cyna for example are favoured for their exact ability to be highly mobile), and nothing would really change. If CCP wanted more mobility, that’d be a number thing in the formula rather than a skill.

They have a trait bonus on the blockade runners currently. I feel it could be a bit excessive if every ship could fly like that too but I don’t see it hurting anything either since it wouldn’t necessarily make them faster warp speed but only skim off the start and end a few seconds.

If it were added as a skill, I would hope the bonus is small. Maybe 2% per level and have a long train time. 50 days or so on the 5th rank would be brutal :wink: And maybe it could unlock another skill down the line that doesn’t exist currently, like warp speed :star_struck:

So… the math behind warp speed is surprisingly interesting. Euni has a great rundown based largely on the warp speed change devblog.

If you don’t feel like slogging through the math (and the rather slick python implementation Euni offers), the tl;dr would be something like:

  1. Warp acceleration and deceleration are a function of max warp speed.
  2. There’s a constant we’ll call k that is normally calculated as the warp speed, but it could be modified by a skill. There’s also a ceiling value for warp deceleration.
  3. There’s a funny implication of the math that the distance covered during acceleration is always 1 AU and the distance covered in deceleration is always 3 AU (provided the warp distance is long enough to hit max warp speed).
  4. Warp deceleration is capped for a reason per the dev blog. It’s intentional that interceptors can’t drop on a target out of nowhere. However, a small modification to k might take place after the ceiling value and provide a slight improvement for a high-SP pilot.

So yeah, this has some potential based on the existing calculations (which, again, you should read about because a) they’re interesting and b) you’re proposing a change to them). I’d be interested in seeing how some numbers worked out with a 2%/level increase in k. If I’m bored enough at work today I might build out a sample spreadsheet.

Warp acceleration increases and decreases with max warp speed. All skills, implants, modules and rigs that increase warp speed also increase acceleration

This is not correct, the time it takes a ship to accelerate and decelerate in and out of warp (as in, once your align has completed) is determined entirely by that ship’s warp speed.

That’s intentional by CCP when they made warp speed affect acceleration and deceleration in and out of warp.

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