Idea to make travels more fast!

Just increase warp base velocity in 25%~33% for all ships!

When you suggest an idea, at least try to answer the main question: why?


To decrease the time warping from a point to another. Increasing game play activity.

And decreasing perceived size of the game world and de-incentivizing multiple trade-hubs system in the process.


Engines evolutes too.


Change isn’t always good.

Can you explain what you mean by “increasing game play activity”?

I think there’s an argument to be made to increase the base warp speed of certain ships by a small amount, but that change is more about class-to-class consistency and better differentiating subcaps from capital ships than it is about just reducing travel time.

Travel takes time for a reason. Reducing that time across the board will have large, probably unintended, consequences to the game.


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Things taking a while is one of the ways items on the market have the value they do.

Let’s not mess with something that works unless we have a good reason to.


Thanks for the replies Ppl!

Any idea should be discussed for sure.

I was thinking on a form to make the game more agile using the time factor. Decreasing the time factor (only raising 25% in the base warp speed) ppl will start to go further and travel more. Increasing game play activity in other systems too.

The issue about this idea is the reaction time that should be coupled within the action. It is really difficult to implement in a PVP fight for example.


I’d rather see the Universe get smaller than increase the warp speed of all ships.

Why does the game need to be more “agile”?
And what “time factor” are you talking about, the game already has TiDi when there are too many people in a single system.

I fail to see the details of your argument, probably because there aren’t any laid out.

The size of EVE is part of how it works. By having travel take time causes all sorts other gameplay choices.

One example, of many is trade hubs. Why has the game evolved to have 4 major trade hubs? Keep in mind CCP did not create these. They formed organically by the players. The answer is travel time. If travel time was shorter people might all just fly to Jita all the time. This would completely change the nature of the market.

Travel time drives all kinds of content. I may log in and see that the nearest Incursion is 30 jumps away. Oh well, rather than travel that far maybe I will just

  1. go wormhole diving
  2. go roam my local LS pocket
  3. do some exploration.
  4. etc

There are all kinds of gameplay effects that happen due to the size of EVE. You have given zero arguments why these are either bad or why things need to be changed.

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Warping is already plenty fast. I imagine you don’t PVP much based on your request as your thinking only of travel time and not the implications to combat. The faster things warp the less reaction time you have for incoming fleets or adds to existing combat. I’m sure all the crabs that complained about the blackout would just love their pve interrupted even more because they can’t get out in time or because now by the time they read Intel the enemy is already there. Conversely as a hunter / small gang it could be harder to strike certain targets as a prepared response feet could get to you much faster.

Yes, I figured it out by issueing the reaction time inside the action.

It was intended to increase the overall game activity a little.

By increasing the base warp velocity a little bit could or could not affect long travels. But short/medium travel should be affected with less time.

In what way. You keep repeating the same things yet offer no actual arguments.

Your OP is literally one sentence. It does not identify what you believe to be the problem. You identify what you think the solution to this mysterious problem is. And then you make no effort to explain HOW your solution fixes the problem.

TLDR, if you can’t be bothered to put even a mild amount of effort into your “idea” why should anyone else care?

No, they won’t. They won’t magically change their habits, they won’t magically travel “further” (what does that even mean), they’ll just enjoy doing the same routes faster.

People don’t travel randomly. They move for a purpose.
That purpose doesn’t change with an increase in warp speed.

Your argument is invalid.

But there are no problems to solve!

Its only an idea to increment game activity a little.

We have the ability to mod/rig/implant a ship for faster warp speed, which most people don’t seem to take much advantage of as opposed to decreasing the time in getting to warp speed.

Where I’d suggest looking for time savings are in what I call “dumb sinks” like MTU torture or mission gate warp times. Other players would have different dumb sinks, too.