Idea to make travels more fast!

What’s that?

Then there is no need for this thread.

Aka, the “problem” you seem to have identified is game activity.
This thread is your “solution”
What you have done a crap job so far at is attempting to explain HOW this actually fixes this activity issue.

Faster travel is a bad thing.


Slow. Somewhat convenient, but slow. 50 wrecks is time to make a sammich! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ohhh you mean waiting for the MTU to finish the work.
But … you could help it, then it’s faster! :blush:

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I go & make sammich instead :stuck_out_tongue: OMG does that make me…AN AFK SALVAGER??? :open_mouth:

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AFK Sammiching. :blush:

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