Double Shuttle Warp Speed

One of the biggest issues that I’ve had when trying to bring new players into EVE (and my own, being one who travels extensively around the cluster) is EVE is BIG. It takes a long, LONG godawful time to get places in the game, and as much as I and others love it, travel times are killer.

The simplest solution would be to update shuttles to focus on fast travel by bumping their warp speed up to 10 AU/s. Could see adding rigs too for the option to further augment warp speed and align times, but just doubling the AU/s would do a lot.

I tried a long time ago to bring some friends of mine into the game , they complained about the same thing . Long warp times , long training times (injectors weren’t around at that time) , so they never played it. Regarding travel time , tbh making shuttles go 10 AU won’t help much . Let’s be honest , they are not going to be playing in a shuttle , 99% of the time they will be in other ships…
I wouldn’t have any problem with 10 AU shuttles , they already have great align time , they will basically be the highsec interceptors . But making them like this would definitely not help with player retention .

well part of it that does help is getting to where you need to go if you’re getting started, or picking up multiple mission agents. New players tend to wander around a lot either to explore, or follow the people grandfathering them into the game. I can think of a lot of instances of new players joining a nullsec group and having to make that long, long journey down to get there.

For myself and other long-time players, getting a shuttle after ending up in the wrong area still makes getting back to where you need to go a hell of a lot easier than doing it in the free corvettes, even with the 5.0 warp speed. It amounts to a QoL change sure, but it’s a big one that affects a lot of different activities.

They can set death clone there remotely when they join a nullsec corp and just self-destruct , if they don’t have an interceptor or just ask someone in corp to find them a short wh connection.

Player taxi and ship delivery services.

Making EVE smaller again. Is dumb idea

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What are you talking about? Neither of those were mentioned at all.

that’s why i was mentioning “new” players specifically. Besides, a lot of times older players don’t like to give up their implants by death cloning, and finding a wormhole connection nearby that goes to where you need to is a huge hassle.

There is a shuttle called the Leopard that has 20 AU/S warp speed, a cov-ops called the Pacifier that can get close to that if you put hyperspatial rigs in.

You have misunderstood him . What he wants is for a GM to give him console access and the command to instantly teleport himself anywhere in Eve , this using the excuse that is good for new players.


From what you’ve said in your initial response is you also want boosted shuttle warp speed. I am against that because there are already excellent alternatives that high warp speeds.

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EVE is supposed to be a big universe.

Why do you want to make it smaller?


Shuttles are already focused on fast travel with their low alignment time and quick acceleration/deceleration. If you wanted to make new player’s able to move around more quickly improving corvette stats would make more sense, but that misses the point: EVE is set in space, and space is big.


With basic skills a shuttle can achieve a sub 2 second align time AND they have 5 AU/s warp speed which is frigate warp speed. They don’t require any fitting and are virtually free. For such an option, it shouldn’t have insane warp speeds. There are so many more options that a player can use that I didn’t up above, such as jump cloning, wormhole travel, a travel Dramiel, as well as travel ceptors. Also, if it really is a new player, they probably are going to be staying in HS or LS anyway and can just put hyperspatial rigs on a instawarping T1 frig.

Shuttles warping a bit faster probably wont be that bad.

In the mean time, you can fit tech 1 frigs for fast travel with hyperspatial-rigs.


I think what OP said was making shuttles go faster to get around the huge place that is new eden.

Remember the leopard is 100mil on average and the covert ops is Omega only.

It would be nice to get a slight speed boost like how CCP did to BS, BC, and cruisers sometime last year?

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to give shuttles an AU boost. How how many AU boost? Ill leave that up to CCP. It’s not my place to suggest a random number.

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excellent point. Even though there are many viable alternatives, they are either expensive, widely available, or aren’t dedicated specifically to fast travel. New Eden has gotten larger over the years anyway, and nobody should consider the travel times in this game to be reasonable, otherwise high value travel ships wouldn’t be a thing. You can’t find hyperspatial rigs and interceptors everywhere in the game you might end up stranded, but you can bet your ass there’s going to be a shuttle nearby.

It’s not like what I’m asking for is unreasonable is it? I don’t want extra warp strength for it, slots for hp or probes to remove risk or make them into something silly or obscure like the Zephyr. I just want to see people be able to get from point A to point B faster, whether that’s for gathering agents, scouting, or moving to greener pastures.

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I would concede the point of faster travel for the shuttle simply because of the Trig invasion making longer pipe lines. Effect and unintended counter affects that CCP did not see once again.

Double seems to much. 50% maybe?

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I agree that the Trig invasion has caused longer travel lines. Didn’t think of that before. I’d suggest, if there was to be any change, is give the shuttles the warp speed/warp acceleration role bonus that the Angel Cartel ships have.

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Have positive standings with trigs and you can travel around hisec in just few jumps. Or use wh’s

Ffs stop dumbing down the game even more. Your laziness is someone else profit. Pay people to haul your stuff if you are to lazy to travel or pay scouts for connections. Put alt in drifter hole and you have easy access to all new eden.

Ps. Over years game become only smaller. Tiny to be exact.

Those who play EVE really need lots of patience. Some of the features seem unnecessary but still there.