Reduce the travel times,

I think this should have been handled eons ago… but if they have jump bridges in 0.0 space, why the hell wouldn’t there be jump bridges in high sec? I get that it adds a sort of division to the huge amount of people playing, generates economy etc, but as this game ages and populations decrease I think this will become even more important. Not to mention that people already congregate around the same handful of hot-spots anyhow.

I think it’s an awful waste of peoples time having to either auto pilot or manually pilot your ship anything more than 5 jumps. At the very least make it so you can clone jump a lot more.

I know a bunch of high sec gankers and people who love to take advantage of auto piloters will hate it, but seriously, such a waste of soooooooooooooo many peoples time. If you added up all the time wasted traveling in this game you’d probably tally a few hundred years of wasted human life doing something unenjoyable.

Maybe just create some gates that sort of chop up the world in to smaller paths. I dunno, I just think no one should have to click their way through 20 jumps for anything. It’s a waste of personal enjoyment time for gaming and a waste of paid subscription time.

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It’s been this way for 15 years, and EVE lives on. You’ll live too, snowflake. You sound like the typical entitled, got-to-have-it-right-now millennial that is used to games that provide instant gratification. EVE is not that game…

^^ lol. Brush up on your troll skills and psychoanalyzing.

None of what I stated changes the fact that it has been this way for 15 years, and the game goes on. Apparently it’s not that big of a deal after all…

There are a lot of things about this game that have been around for a long time that were changed. Your point is moot. Just because there are people still playing doesn’t negate the possibility for improvement. Look at all the crap they had to add just to keep people coming.

Fixed that for you…

I don’t support the skill injections. SO gay.

Regardless, the game was in decline, they made changes. “Because it’s always been like that” is a poor argument for any situation.

Jump bridges may happen with player made gates. But don’t expect too much. Time and risk are what create differences in price between one area and the next.

Jump gates in hi-sec could make it too easy and too quick to travel between hubs.

I support letting jump freighters jump to cynos in highsec, but that’s about it. And that’s only so that traders can increase the liquidity of Eve and kill Jita once and for all. Has nothing to do with convenience.

I know it’s terribly inconvenient having to gate around highsec, but imagine how much more inconvenient it would be with a 150 man gate camp and drag bubbles waiting for you on the other side, with no concord to come swat the campers with a rolled up magazine for being bad.

That’s why there’s jump bridges where there’s jump bridges.

Falcon was talking about how “unfair” Eve can sometimes be, and while he was speaking about Null in this particular post, I do believe the sentiment of this quote remains clear and true.


I agree with the @Old_Pervert (that’s fun to say lol). I wouldn’t mind if High Sec had a special flavor of Cyno that only worked for Jump Freighters.

And I could also see argument for allowing CovOps Cynos, since they’re supposed to be undetectable and unblockable. It’s not like Black Ops get much use anyway. Not until CCP admits they are the redheaded stepchild of the CovOps family, and gives them access to the CovOps Cloak.

A special cyno wouldn’t even be needed. Similar to if you try to take a gate the jump activation could just do a type-check on the hull before completing. Not that I’m for or against it, just pointing out that the safeguards are likely already there to prevent possible abuse. IDK if you remember, but the capital patch was originally going to allow for capitals to enter high sec (with restrictions) until they scrapped the idea. So I don’t doubt that the framework wasn’t also being worked on already.

There are many things I’d like to see done to high sec, but the only way any of my ideas could ever be implemented would require a large shift in sec statuses (an overhaul actually to what we know as sec status) and some changes to current mechanics to actually be balanced. In other words, it would create a shitstorm before things actually got better. Which I’m sure CCP is well aware of which is why they’re afraid to do any drastic changes to these areas.

They might not “need” a special Cyno, but it would make things easier. Rather than allowing a standard Cyno in High Sec, and then doing all sorts of checks to decide if the JF is allowed to jump, or if the Titan should be denied… Just make an Industrial Cyno that only registers for JFs. Just like how the CovOps Cyno only registers for Black Ops.

I’d like to see some changes as well. Starting with simple things like High or Low Sec “Islands”. How can you jump through several Low Sec systems, into a dead end High Sec? How do you rationalize having better security in a location that is completely inaccessible except through unsecure space? Or having a single Low Sec system flanked on all sides by High Sec.

Personally, I’d do something like a 2 hop difference. Make the various capitals 1.0 space, and 2 hops out 0.9, and 2 hops further 0.8… For short little runs like the path between Amarr and Jita, it would never dip below 0.8 before it starts rising back up again as you approach the other. But the further you get away from “civilization”, the worse it gets. No wavering, no islands, just progressive lawlessness.

Not to pick on @QuakeGod and his “15 years” sentiment. But if CCP were so deeply rooted in their ways, they wouldn’t have a forum called “Player Features & Ideas”. It would be called “Shut up and live with it” =)

Maybe they should revamp some stuff on Sisi first, and see how people like it. Leave it that way for a while, so the initial “Eww, it’s different and I don’t like it” wears off. And see how it works out.

Special Cyno??

Are the Empire charters still used for anything in particular?
If not why cant they be an added fuel item for cyno ships? like want to light a cyno in Amarr space, you need X amount of Amarr charters plus the regular cyno fuel.

That would be cool. I could see that.

Pretty sure the Charters are useless these days. Especially since they replaced POS with Citadels.

Adding a whole new module is a lot more work than just having the ship jumping check the location system and saying yes you can or no you cant.

Just like POSes in HS, if they chose to keep charters in game it could be added in the same way. Activation requires them to be present in cargo as well. Thought I don’t really agree with this. I feel they just need to be removed.

My ideas for HS are significantly more drastic. Areas around faction capitals out to about 2 jumps are current high sec and everything else becomes a kind of low sec, but with an active faction police monitoring gates and stations (basically combat at these areas will result in destruction, but anywhere else is open game). Concord no longer exists due to drifter/triglavian destroying their main HQ and the factions lose faith and pull support. Which includes this retraction of highly controlled space and a more lawless universe unfolding.

Like I said, not anything that would ever happen this day and age, but would actually cause people the ability to engage in offensive and defensive pvp while having their “safety bubbles” near stations and gates where they would technically be in no more danger than they already are. The benefit being they’d know they can be shot at, not falsely believing that “high sec” means they’re safe. Meanwhile what little “high sec” remains is actually safe, offers nearly no isk and new players can legit learn before they are literally thrown into this new low-ish sec where they can begin to earn a living.

Adding an Industrial Cyno wouldn’t be any harder than it was for them to make the CovOps Cyno based off the standard. You just make an entry that says “only visible to Jump Freighters” and set it to True. Then it does a check to see if you’re in a Jump Freighter, and everything else runs as normal. No need to compare locations.

I don’t necessarily think they should burn Charters either. But it would give them a use again. Otherwise, as you said, they’ll probably just get removed or at least become another useless collector’s item.

Not sure I’m onboard with making everything into Low’ish Sec. Yes, at its roots, Eve is basically a sci-fi version of the Wild West. But I don’t think we should limit civilization to 4 capitals and their neighbors. There are something like 5,000 systems. And you want 4,996 to be lawless? =)

I was just spit balling the whole 2 jumps out. But I also said capitals, not school systems which is what I intended. Basically the idea would be each faction would have around 12 green locked high secs with low-ish sec between them controlled by stationed faction police (they cant be dragged away) but they can be killed/tanked.

I can see the flaws in my own ideas, but I want space to be dangerous where people can truly defend themselves from perceived threats and is completely open to things being contested through might. At the same time, provide new players an area to learn before they are thrown into the harsh universe that is eve. And removing any possibility for players to misunderstand the difference between the green locked high sec, the newer faction controlled low sec territories, and the completely lawless pirate controlled low sec, then player controlled null.

Yo mate, I’mma let ya finish, but ya request needs to be waitin’ ‘til we’ll be gettin’ player made star gates yo!

I think we should be able to select at startup what system we want to be in. That way everything will always be safe and easy … on second thought let’s just make eve single player. Get rid of all jump bridges , cyno and any form of fast travel … make eve great again

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