CCP hands over FREE Faction Citadels to Powerbloc Leadership after Outpost Conversion

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To be fair, it was never easier for “the small fish” to make an impact than with the current sov mechanic. Even a small, dedicated group with entosis link can contest sov and troll big alliances now. Holding it is another thing, but that will allways need a certain manpower.

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POWERBLOCS! :scream:

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… can someone tell me why apparently everyone else cripples the word by chopping off the k at the end?

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“block” and “bloc” are actually two seperate words. “Bloc” is proper when referring to a group of countries or people - communist bloc of Warsaw pact nations, provibloc, growing bloc of furry voters in EvE the CSM courts more, etc.

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Thank you!

oh oh, CCP Falcon incoming…

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This thread brings up an interesting point, but a point that’s made moot by a few things:

  • The Sandbox nature of EVE’s design.
  • The ability for player action and reaction to have both a positive and negative effect on gameplay.
  • The prevalence of emergent gameplay experiences in EVE that causes these effects.
  • The need for CCP to allow these experiences to persist, to preserve the sandbox nature of New Eden.

My opinion on this goes back to the days before I came to CCP, when I was actually fighting in Providence for a while, so I do have a bit of a personal take on what you’re saying here.

Bear in mind that this is of course personal opinion, and doesn’t reflect the opinion of our design team.

You can read about when I was fighting here. We’re talking about 2006 though, this was a long time ago.

I used to run a subcap focused pirate corporation. At the time we were very well known for what we did. We teamed up with The Establishment et al, and the idea was to take UNITY Station in 9UY and turn into New Eden’s first completely open, pirate controlled freeport.

A futuristic Tortuga if you will.

We fought for weeks. We killed and lost tens of billions, which back then was substantially more than it is now.

You know what happened?

Bigger boys joined the party.

Boys with a lot more supers than us, boys with a lot more people than us.

We numbered around 600. The force against us was in excess of 12,000.

We held out for another couple of weeks, but eventually we lost.

We walked away, and our plan was never to be.

To this day, I’m incredibly proud of how long we held on.

To this day, I still regard Rawthorm as one of the calmest and most skilled tacticians I’ve ever flown alongside in EVE. He has my endless respect for what we achieved in Providence.

Despite the fact that I put over 100bn of my own ISK into the fight, when 100bn was worth far more than it is now (500 PLEX was <500m at that time for reference), my corporation is hardly ever mentioned in that fight, despite all that we did.

Why? Because history is written by the winners. In the end, we got nothing out of that engagement other than the experience and a big ass bill for resupply at the end of it all.

I can understand that you’re angry about not getting anything out of Providence, or whichever area of null you resided in, after putting so much into it. I was a bit pissed at the time when we didn’t get what we wanted out of the fight we had in 9UY.

The fact of the matter is though, New Eden is a vicious bitch when it comes to writing yourself into the history books.

You take the chance and roll the dice. Sometimes you win big, the rest of the time you lose.

When you choose to claim space, you put your chips down on a high stakes table, and if you don’t have solid tactics or a good poker face, you get cleaned out.

That’s a fact of life in New Eden, and you need to understand it before you place your bet. There are no safety nets here.

When you choose to claim space, you paint a bullseye on the back of your head for any opportunist that feels they can muscle you out.

You need to be prepared to handle this kind of heat, or you need to get the hell out of the kitchen.

That’s life in New Eden.

I watched CVA build an empire in Providence over the course of a decade and a half, right from the roots of their gentlemanly conflict with Ushra’Khan through to the more recent times with provibloc.

The legacy there is incredible. It’s a story in itself that’s worthy of books and a permanent narrative, and I’m incredibly thankful that even though I got my ass handed to me when I got involved, I got to write at least a paragraph in a page of that legacy.

Do I feel bitter about losing that fight now? Hell no, it was incredible fun to be part of something so cool.

The point of all this is that UNITY Station belonged to Ushra’Khan. It was their baby.

The Amarr bloc rolled in and kicked them out, because they were the bigger boys.

Now, someone bigger has rolled in and kicked the Amarr bloc out.

There’s always a bigger fish. Or there’s always someone richer, or more resourceful.

In New Eden, life goes on. In five years time, someone else will carve out a patch in nullsec where an old powerhouse used to stand.

EVE is not another MMO where you’re handed rewards on a silver platter. You work for your bread and you work to keep people from taking it away from you.

You succeed, or you starve to death.

That’s how it is.

Unscripted, visceral, brutal and unforgiving emergent experience is everything in EVE.

You should ride high when you’re on top, and trail low when you’re beaten down. That’s the only way you learn and grow here.

If New Eden ever became anything else, I would no longer wear a dev tag on these forums, because it’s not something I believe in.

EVE gives you something that no other virtual world can.

These organizations hold the space that they do because they’ve dragged themselves up by their bootstraps.

Every one of these pilots started out the same as you. In a shitty little corvette, with a bunch of dreams and aspirations.

The guys who lead these huge coalitions today started out alongside thousands of others who had the same dreams, but didn’t have the drive to see them through.

The guys who fleet command for these coalitions do so because they’ve demonstrated that they’re capable in the field, and that they can get the job done.

They’ve all been on a journey, and every one of them has proved their ability to be at the top.

Just look at the number of dead corporations and alliances in New Eden. It’s a political graveyard where tens of thousands have tried to achieve greatness, and all but a fraction of a percent have fallen.

This is the beauty, and legacy of player narrative in EVE.

All those stories, all those fallen flags, all those memories, and all those experiences.

Love them or loathe them, the people who’re in power right now within the political sphere of New Eden are there because they know how to lead.

Regardless of who they are and what colors they fly, these people share common qualities.

They can engage people.

They can inspire people.

They can give people direction, purpose, and a sense of unity.

For better or worse, they can lead.

It all goes back to a simple quote.

“Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”

If you want your outposts back before June 5th, stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Get off the forums, fit a rack of weapons, get a fleet together and go take them back.

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I literally predicted that PL would invade Providence over this nearly an entire ■■■■■■■ year before it happened. - Video proof. Beyond that, PL has always taken the time to invade Providence during the downtime between major wars. It happened in 2015 and they took a tonne of our systems then too. It’s always been something people are capable of, they just needed the incentive to do it.

What this simply tells us is that powerblocs are good at winning fights, and are rewarded for that. If you think that the people who are best at playing the game shouldn’t be able to win then quite frankly I think your opinions are irrelevant.

Beyond that, the Outpost conversion was something we let CCP handle on their own specifically because of the amount of investment a lot of players on the CSM had put in at the time. Also, we’re less politicians and more of a collaborative focus group with a side order of community team support, which I think is probably best demonstrated by the kinds of questions I was asking in my PvE roundtable.

If this is a bait thread tho nicely done.

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Bookmarked for future reference/use.

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Veto must die :stuck_out_tongue:

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This post… so much win.

If I could have a signature… this would be it. Right here.

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I too remember CCP members feeding market Intel on changes before big expansions or exploitable mechanics since before Trinity your spin doesn’t impress me sir. There is way more to add on the not so impartial nature of your devs.As for the OPs outpost obsession could hardly care

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Can you give CCP credit for improving, in regards to collusion? I think it has become the rare exception rather than story of the month, in the first years.

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This is eve. If you cannot hold your space or your assets. They where never truly yours to begin with.

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Funnily enough you made this not possible because now you need to wave a mind wand to take back the station. And a fleet is not enough against the super blobs that you made necessary to take and hold these things, and which have proliferated to a maddening extend in New Eden. You made New Eden a lot less fun and a lot less likely to have these “proud moments” when all you are is a number in a spreadsheet. You may want to reconsider what you just said and “proved” with your nostalgia fever.

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What exactly you cannot do?

  • use magic wand? Train few skills
  • get a super blob? What stops you? These people got it somehow? Or you think every existing major alliance was created by CCP and were given by ISK and ships?

And what exactly did CCP to achieve this?

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It’s sad that CVA lost almost all Providence systems before this Faction Citadels ‘flip’. As I remember they built many of them last year.

I believe that CSM group doing some useful work and gives good advices overall, but almost all CSM members from SoV blocks are EVE politicians in some way. I liked your in game attitude at CSM PVE roundtable, being very enlightened in EVE SoV politics at the same time. But we have facts about EVE politics ‘tet-a-tet’ corruption at CSM just before Judgement Day. Diving into the archives, I don’t wanna mention about pre- and post-patch speculations already happened, cause it’s a in game mechanic, even presented in 101 things to do in EVE.

Overall, in your YouTube blogs you enlightened very well the last year BlueDonut War. But I have doubts about the what is hiding behind that war.

Are these Faction Citadels flip cause of BlueDonut War?

Let’s look back. Not only Providence just lost so many systems, considering PL completely don’t need that SoV. Like seven months ago, the Culture sold Fountain to the Imperium. I was in Fountain. There is an abandoned region area mainly with two staging systems at Southern and Northern boundary systems. Only Serpentis farmers ‘Gangs’ roaming area around. The Imperium don’t need Fountain for resources or something. PH was moved from small West region to a big East Geminate region in a hurry. Among them most of all the Drone Phoenix Federation lost with all these changes. With BlueDonut War the DRF was involved into long 1 year war on many fronts: Southern (Triumvirate, CO2, Fraternity), Middle (roaming SoV raiders from nearby Low-Sec and Great Lands), Northern (GoTG invasion and diplomatic misinformation).

I think this year will be mainly static for almost all powerblocs. The Imperium will continue doing their sneaky tricks vs GoTG by using the Grid and ImperiumNews propaganda. Only DRF will be involved into a big war, which will increase its ‘amplitude’ in autumn to a big winter war, considering MACTEP lost an Avatar in his home region. Damn, SOLAR FLEET stupidly lost too many Titans last year. This will force them to rejoin once again or to lost completely.

So, before the flip-flop the DRF had the biggest number of outposts and after BlueDonut War they have only few, while PL gained 118 from few, due to Dotlan.

It’s not only a bait - it’s a protest also. The protest is good at its concept but with wrong motto.

It points to CCP favoritism. Yes, CCP DEV should control the game to make it playable for different groups. The SoV space needs more powerful groups. But the idea to replace old Outpost with Improved Faction Fortizars is unfair, it makes powerful blocs even more powerful, it makes ‘Flipped’ SoV space even harder to conquer back, it turns away SoV wars… everyone will wait until next CSM and next patch… In my opinion DEV should been turn these Outposts to simple Citadels at least with some drawbacks.

It turns EVE from a space of wars and conflicts to a space of pure robbery.

Personally, this not motivates me to quite frankly it just motivates me to not build anything not in a ‘weakbloc’, not in a powerbloc.

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How dare ccp allowe people destroy my titan that worked so hard to get! HTFU & GTFO.

Sarcasm aside, there is nothing under old mechanics that would stop poweeblocs moving in and take over your outposts taking full advantage of your hard work.

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Since CCP is determined to rob the builders who invested time effort any their own money in subs in the building in outposts…lets just go ahead and convert all those supers that are clogging up the game to faction battleships…and here have a token holo picture to keep.

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And Mr CCP Falcon… no matter how you paint it , what about CCP’s public promise to never remove these putposts that were supposed to be permenant parts of the game?? hmm ? or do you or anyone here thinks that anyone would have built any of them without that original promise.

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So you want to move to the new citadel system…sure why not and just discontinue construction of new outposts and use of old pos systems…why rob eve of it’s outpost history and the efforts of thousands…just what would be wrong with leaving the outposts as they are??? and yes you are robbing the whole of the history of the game if you do this.
remove it from the sov game by just connecting them to system ownership…which is transfered to citadels ihubs and tcu’s right? which is the consolidation you seek for outpost/pos xsov issues of old right?