CCP hands over FREE Faction Citadels to Powerbloc Leadership after Outpost Conversion

I don’t care what trolls say about this. Nor do i care about your troll thoughts or troll comments. This whole conversion of outposts to faction citadels and the fact that all the powerblocs and heavily powerful alliances or allied groups and the powerbloc alt alliances are now bashing everyone everywhere and taking over all the outposts because of their sheer value due to the limited amount there will be. I find it comforting that i was actually right about CCP. CSM’s are politicians that force their opinions and idea’s on CCP without them realizing it, and in the process the powerblocs take over and own the highest priced and prized historical items in eve online. The outposts.

That tens of thousands of other players worked so hard to build to merely see it disappear into the item hangers of the powerblocs. Makes me think CCP actually doesn’t care and is pretty much handing the entire game and everything in it to the powerblocs making them even richer while the other little guys that helps build those get nothing and get stabbed in the back by CCP Games. I guess that is expected seeing as everyone and everything in the world has gone mad, i guess ccp has too and eve has to be like the real world so it has to go mad as well.

Some of you will troll, some of you will understand, and others will simply not care. But the history of eve is being ripped to shreds and thrown to the hyena’s, and to pretty much screw everyone in eve and give the station outposts to the big powerblocs is like stabbing 75% of the community in the back with a blunt rusty knife. Respect lost for ccp. Pity ccp is going out this way by stabbing so many in the back and making it so easy for the powerblocs and their alt alliances to walk all over everyone and take everything just before the patch for faction citadels hit. What about all those who worked seriously hard to make those outposts happen. Obviously nothing as there will be some idiotic retarded beacon to show for it and where the outpost once was. This new patch coming June is proof ccp has fallen into the abyss never to return from the really long list of silly mistakes.

:skull_and_crossbones: CCP


If you don’t care about what anyone else says except for those who agree with you, surely this is a rant rather than a constructive discussion?


Sorry you lost your Provi area, OP.

I would gratefully accept any stuff you might be so kind as to give me before you leave the game.


Not sure what the rant here is, you’re mad that powerful people are able to take stations from people who are less powerful?

I’m sensing a HTFU moment here


Who wants to bet that this guy has Outpost Construction V?


LOL. Provi blows. IDC about provi. Just another idiot troll.

No, not a rant at all. Explain how a discussion will help when ccp has already decided and that the powerblocs are the ones forcing ccp into this through their politics. I see the powerblocs and petty spoilt brat little 10 year old’s anyways that have a massive chip on their shoulder. The “we will all unsub and stop playing” attitude if ccp does not change this or that. Oh please, ccp have made the decision. So what can any of us do. It’s the dumbest decision ccp has ever made in the history of eve. 15 years of eve online, and ccp basically have thrown it down the toilet and stabbed all those people in the back with a blunt rusty knife with the decision to turn the outposts into unanchorable citadels. That is the worst decision in the entire history of eve online ccp has and probably will ever make. CCP’s desperation to keep the powerblocs playing eve online is showing through very clearly.


Nothing much interesting accept stupid trolls. Anyone with a brain interested in actually putting some interesting non bias input in? I guess not.

Well here is a question I have. Is it true that Pandemic Legion does not plan to hold that territory forever? If so, when do they plan to leave? When the outposts convert over? Is that June?



if you have a better idea by all means share, but I’m pretty sure people have been expecting this to happen for a while now. And that’s one of those things that has kinda always happened with EVE, n+1 has been the go to solution for most groups. The big groups can push smaller groups around, people always talk about the little guy, but well nothing’s ever really helped.


Ofcourse. This is the transition handover phase ccp put in place to hand over all outposts to the powerblocs and their alt alliances. It makes me wonder some days how desperate ccp truly is.

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CCP always bragged they trying to help the little guys. That the biggest load of rubbish lies ever. They have helped the powerblocs far more than any other smaller alliance with a lot of their stupid ideas. Why do you think that is, because the powerblocs hold the majority of the csm positions and ofcourse with that their politics is that of 10 year old spoilt brat children in that they are “we will unsub if we cannot have what we want”. So ccp’s desperation to pay the powerblocs to stay shows through. If they wanted to really do this sort of thing, they should have rather made the faction citadels non-unanchorable. They should be destructible, not unanchorable, that way its better for everyone and not just the leadership of the powerblocs and their alt alliances.


OP, you may have a point, but whatever it might have been, I didn’t get past the quick-scan of:

“I’m mad, and I don’t want to hear from anyone who doesn’t agree with me.
In fact, anyone who doesn’t agree with me is a troll.
All opinions on this topic are wrong unless they’re mine.

… goes on to make up 1/2 the replies in the thread”.

This instantly triggered my ‘did not read, no point in it’ warning signs. And a buzzer. And two klaxons.

Sux2BU I guess.


Why can’t you be just right or just wrong and not both at the same time? It would provide for a better discussion.

Anyhow, I think you greatly underestimate CCP. You assume that the many great minds in this company are too stupid to realize that the CSM mostly consists of people from the powerblocs, who of course will try to push their groups agenda in the CSM. Well, think again and this time try to assume people are smarter than you might imagine.

Next, CCP is not handing anything over to anyone. They announced the transition to happen and everyone is free to go and grab what they can. Why do you think that Volta Urself invaded the Drone Regions? Because they are caring for anti-botting… lol. They want the Outposts too. CCP managed to create an incentive for war and this is a good thing. Many of the attacked have loads of members, but lack the organization and/or willingness to fight for their space. They are not the “little guy”, they are the old crust that didn’t face any real challenges for years. It is a good thing that CCP brought an incentive for people to contest them.

Now, if you feel unhappy that PL or Volta or Goons are taking the Outposts, look at game mechanics, take your group and start capturing them.

CCPs support for the “little guy” never meant to protect the entitlement of small dysfunctional groups that had the luck to be left alone uncontested for years to farm their income. It always meant to find ways to encourage inventiveness and action over simply following the beaten path. I’m not saying CCP always succeeds at it and I’m not saying that the way the transition of Outposts into Faction Citadels is the best way I could personally imagine, but it actually worked pretty fine as described above.

Now, if you have a better suggestion for how to make the transition, tell us.


After reading the first four sentences, I, as a human being, now feel even more disappointed in humanity.

Thanks, OP, for showing us the lows in us all… well, no, just you actually.


The powerblocs control the game! More news at 11.

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Actually, I’m glad CCP is doing this. During the transition there is a small window where I can extract my stuff! And if the citadel is removed, I get my stuff back without much work. See some of us lost access to these stations long ago. This change gives a small chance to reclaim it without fire sales the locals.

As for blaming CCP… It’s an industry wide phenomenon. When a new raid is released in any MMO… Who tend to get it first? The big guilds. They have the time and man power to do so. This is no different. If you don’t like that, may be try an offline RPG. Less competition there.


CCP took the low effort solution. Lots of stuff they could have done, seed FW style bunkers to complete and reward whomever has run the most of them at the end of three months. In other words, reward the people living there and logging in daily. But i guess all competent programmers were busy with the new chat system :sweat_smile: so we get this instead.

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So… FW style bunkers…what would stop PL, goons, etc from running those? This solution change a nothing because if small group A can do it, big group B could do it faster, better, and with more support.

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