Are regions like Delve really working as intended?

Some questions I have that have been lingering:

With all this work that CCP is doing to nerf the little guys in high sec how can we continue to look at the MER and not raise significant questions?

Why do the main power blocks exist in a perma state of peace? Who benefits? Why can’t that behaviour be changed? Why is there 0 discussions on this and is it related to the CSM membership?

What acknowledgments have been made that describe the current state? Is it really null working as intended when 6-7 big power blocks control the whole game? Is the idea of nerfing and reducing really giving the smaller pilot groups any advantage?

Why are not more tools being developed to make large coalitions contentious? It seems Fozzie sov was an attempt at freeing up sov play and then you just gave up ?

Why do we need market order nerfs and changes to resist and you have entire regions with ADM 5.0 for months and months on end?

Do CCP developers even play eve online?


CCP can publish CSM meeting minutes, but they can’t force the ignorant masses to read them.


:red_circle: It is working as intended. CCP’s intention 4 years ago was to allow everyone to sit in the biggest possible ships because those ships were portrayed by the community towards CCP as the most fun ships to have. CCP listened, threw each and every single basic design principle on which EVE was built and developed for in the past out of the window and that is what we ended up with. CCP even went 10 steps further and introduced structures that inherently necessitated huge fleets to maintain them and to take them down.

This entire disastrous situation is entirely CCP’s fault and the players have to suffer through this madness.


I’m really tired of reading for two hours (or however long it is now) of how null krabs puts whole game in perspective of null. There is so much garbage there that it’s hard to not vomit after 5 minutes of reading.

CCP Dopamine said there will make some changes to upcoming CSM and probably bring some more variety. So maybe CCP finally will stop making same mistakes over and over again…


So rather than update yourself with the facts you prefer to argue based on your feelings. Ah well, at least you have plenty of company.


Aegis sov was intended to attract more players to Nullsec and increase the number of players an upgraded system could support. As usual, players figured out how to exploit the changes for maximum gain. The damage to the overall economy wasn’t immediately apparent since most of the ISK and resources were reinvested locally building structures and super capital fleets but we’ve known this was unsustainable for 2-3 years now and CCP should have acted sooner. Small changes 3 years ago might have made the big changes today unnecessary.

That said, I don’t see how this is a problem for the “little guy” in highsec - the value of time spent mining, manufacturing, etc… has increased substantially as has the value of ISK relative to PLEX. This is about as good as it has ever been for highsec!



I would not hold my breath for that. The big null sec blocks have already established huge corps for high sec things (non-wardecable, direct affiliates to Karma, Phorde, Ascendance, TEST and so on). Even if there are “high sec candidates”, you have to look carefully where they really belong.

The most recent statistics I’ve seen (4 years old now) show 75% of active characters in highsec. They can’t all be Nullsec ALTS! If highsec wants more representation on the CSM all they need to do is vote!


:red_circle: That is besides the point of my post.

The goons vote themselves into CSM because of their sole number…

This is no ‘representation of all players’, it never was…

Small groups can do nothing against it so they don’t even try…

This is a problem of the election process not of CSM,basically CSM is a good idea,it’s just abused.

Give one group one vote and don’t let one group dominate it by overvoting everybody else and therefore keeping away other opinions and it may work.

The current state is the opposite of it…

It’s funny how attitudes and beliefs in game mirror those of people in real life.

Let me ask you this though. If it doesn’t matter whether or not the little guy votes or not, then why have various people throughout history expended so much effort on suppressing the vote of those without power?


:rofl: While a wonderful thought, it will never happen. You would need some kind of Pied Piper to lead them. This was brought up after the last CSM vote and the one before that as well if I remember correctly.

You forgot to add in their organizational skills but still hit the nail on the head.

With all due respect, at that time I was working with Goons when Fozzie Sov was being developed. Back at that time it was clear that the sov system was clearly aimed at making empire ownership more difficult.

It had nothing directly to do with encouraging players into null…it was about making any system capable of being a null home and then giving the ability to active players to hold it.

Then they all chose to join Test and Goons like a spell has cast over you. Maybe I should be the voice of reason in the madness I’m not sure…but something about this long lasting peace reeks.

Sigh. I wish I could leave a one or two sentence reply, or maybe just a meme. But you are just all sorts of wrong.

CCP isn’t picking on you. These changes affect everyone. By the way, lots of players in nullsec believe the CCP is screwing them over with all the recent changes.

You do know that Darkness collapsed like 6 weeks ago right? Did you hear about the war between legacy and winter co? What about the glassing of Tribute?

Sure, there could definitely be more fighting going on, but I’d hardly say that they exist in a permanent state of peace. So, seeing you say that makes me wonder if you are using hyperbole, or are ill informed.

Are you serious? Players and CCP talk about conflict drivers all the time.

I don’t know if you’re exaggerating, or don’t understand what’s going on. Regardless, they control nullsec and only nullsec. Of course, they exert influence outside of nullsec, but they hardly control the whole game.

Large, highly organized groups are always better equipped to deal with change and adversity (both in game and in RL). It’s how reality works. And nothing short of mechanics that specifically punish players for working together will change that. Speaking of which…

This idea has merit on paper, but I guarantee you the coalitions will just find workarounds. Hell, there aren’t even any formal mechanics for coalitions in the game. As far as the game is concerned, the Alliance is the largest player unit. Anyway, large groups will implement all sorts of workarounds (like using holding corps, creating sister corps and alliances, and stuff like that) to avoid any negative consequences. The only thing it will accomplish is to drastically increase the logistic and administrative workloads of the players who hold it all together.

This is whataboutism. Also, CCP told us why they made the changes in the dev blog.

When you have an army to lead, which follows you and fights for you when you call for war, then who is at fault when there’s no war? You. Only you. No one else.

What if there’s no reason for war, you ask? Easy. You invent one. Tried and proven method. If you don’t believe it, ask Iraq.

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It only takes 20% of Highsec characters to have more votes than all of Nullsec - if they choose to use them. The Highsec vote would be fragmented while the Nullsec vote, at least among the major coalitions is concentrated, so they would still have representation but probably not dominance.

I agree this is unlikely to happen. The Nullsec community is more invested in the game and motivated to have representation on the council while the Highsec community seems to be more casual and less connected to the metagame.

You know how Omleca Gold got himself into CSM? By farming FW missions and voting with alts. There is no single reason to vote if you can simply buy votes by money or isk.

Well, I read them. CCP remain committed to improving the new player experience and, from what I read, want to rebalance the whole lo-sec, small gang thing as well. It’s really no surprise: they cannot rely on the income from veterans in null-sec to payroll the game; it really is in everyone’s interests to broaden the scope of the content beyond the blue donut.

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omfg thats a laughing joke by now – since 2005 the new player experience has been committed to and improved and iterated a lot of times.