Allow warp bubbles in highsec

A lot of people use highsec as a transit route, simply traveling across it, much like they do in the midwestern United States. Many even choose to autopilot, barely paying any attention whatsoever to where are they are.

The introduction of warp bubbles would give people the opportunity to slow down, enjoy the scenery, and get to know the locals. Some might even stay awhile, and this would encourage player interaction and generate engaging content for everybody.

In keeping with highsec traditions, of course, shooting a warp bubble generator should turn your ship into a yellow flashy, allowing anyone to engage you in honorable PvP.

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Perhaps we could have a highsec mechanic to entosis link the jump gates to shut them off. I can imagine a lot of emergent gameplay ideas for that.

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Oh my, that’s a good idea, I was thinking something along the same lines. Perhaps jump gates should have a set number of hitpoints, 1000 appears fair, and if they take that much damage they explode and then players have to rebuild them if they ever want to escape the system via any means other than a wormhole.

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I think the NPC jump gates were important “training wheels” when all of us were learning to play the game. Now that we have experienced players, the gates are kind-of silly.

I think if somebody blows up a gate it should stay destroyed with no chance to be rebuilt. All trade routes should eventually go through wormholes. Anyway, a direct wormhole between Jita and Amarr probably pops up occasionally.

Or they can be like POCOs. You blow the gate up and build a new one that you can set the jump taxes for.


I agree, jump gates should be destructible player owned objects, just like everything else in the game (including Jita IV-4). 100% in agreement on this, and no timers!!! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

CCP, Listen to the players and give us a sandbox worth fighting for!!!


What’s with the sudden influx of complete ridiculous ideas to change things constantly in high sec? Just because everyone is incompetent or unwilling to rage some proper war in null you now all jump to things in high sec instead?
EVE doesnt really need changes in mechanics if the existing ones would just be applied properly and wilfully

When was the last time you saw a “good” idea on these forums?

If I read this correctly, you want to put some kind of bubbles in the midwestern United States so that people can enjoy the scenery and get to know locals. :thinking:

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I mean the forums are built to push awful ideas to the top and bury good ones.

In a long time, these here included.

If you want to slow down traffic so that people can enjoy the scenery, go to null sec or wormhole space and fill that space with more life and danger.

If you want destructible stargates, go to null sec and destroy them there. Make that space more alive and dangerous. Destructible structures are already a part of high sec and people love them. Maybe destroy more of these as well before you want even more of those abhorrent things.

I think this is a fabulous idea.

This is just as stupid as those “allow Rorquals/Titans/Level 5 missions/whatever” in highsec. No. There’s already to much fun stuff you can do in highsec for little risk. How about we give more incentive for players to leave highsec instead?

Thats the problem. They are scared.( I mean op)

Terrible idea. There will be zero reason to be in highsec then. There will be no trading and you’ll just stay in nullsec where your economy would be ratting carriers…

Well, you shouldn’t be in high sec anyways, right?

It must be dumb idea day on the forums.

And making the person suspect, what does that do when the ship is in a gank fleet?


Items that are Banned in Empire Space are banned for a reason, next you will be asking for Caps in HS.

Go away.

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