Highsec insta-jump charges


I was going through a separate topic in this section and realized after reading one user’s comment that there are several reasons why I hardly spent time playing Eve nowadays, but one in particular has been staring at me and I never acknowledged it:

This is the time it takes to get things in the right location before you can start doing what it is you are online to play.

If I log into Eve now and decide to go level 4 missionining, right now my character is docked in a wreathe in an 0.8 system. I would have to find my nearest level 4 ready battleship, which may not be my preferred one, and then travel to that location.

Next I would have to fly the ship to the level 4 agent before I can begin. How many jumps is that in total?

Also what if I need to change clones to get the max out of my ship?

And what if you don’t have enough ammo or need a new module? Then it’s to Jita or the nearest hub? And what ship will you fly to that hub? Is it fast enough? Does it have enough cargo space?

What a logistical nightmare.

But it’s something we all do everytime we are on Eve, without thinking about it. We spend hours on logistics rather than having fun playing.

You can say the logistics is part of the game or fun? At times and in certain situations yes. But when all you wanna do is log on to have fun and earn money it can be a bore.

I suggest the following:

  1. Put all clones in a central clone archive. My clone of choice can be automatically downloaded wherever I am.

  2. Remove the clone jumping facility.

  3. Introduce a new insta-jump charge for high-sec ships. I can use up to 5 charges a day to take me and my ship to a station or location literally anywhere in high-sec. The further the distance the more charges are needed.

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Clone memories are very easy to transfer, however the physical implants which are attached to your clone can’t be magically downloaded.

Edit: this is a cyno and jump portal, they are used in low sec and null sec.
Bonus, their are also missions in low sec and NPC null sec.

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No. Travel times and logistics exist for a reason, and the better you are at EVE the better organized your logistics get with the result of better ISK/hour (or kills per hour for PvP) potential. All of your jumping around for a basic task like running a mission is a sign that you aren’t very well organized, so why should you have the same efficiency as a player who is better at organization and has their mission farming setup in place in a single system with their own manufacturing ability to provide ammo/drones/etc without going to a market system?

Also, highsec hauling is a business. Why do you feel the need to replace it with zero-risk instant transportation of a freighter load (fitted for max cargo, of course) between points?


Why even bother having stargates with this change?

There shouldn’t be a way for people to so easily and safely transport potentially hundreds of billions of ISK (for example, Skill Injectors and Extractors) completely safely, by just teleporting around.

At least with Jump Freighters, there requires a set up and proper preparation, dedication of multiple alts and coordination.



Success in Eve, as in real life, requires planning. Whether it’s your skill queue, your fits or, in the current context, how you organize your assets to meet your gameplay objectives. Planning is part of the metagame - CCP hasn’t built it into the mechanics but you’ll spend a lot of time chasing your tail if you don’t plan and rightfully so.


This is your worst idea yet, congratulations on outdoing yourself!



I have to agree with the others, this is too convenient again.

I can use this to bypass systems where the chance of ganks are higher and dramatically reduce risk to my haulage.

Instead i suggest harbouring your level 4 ships in level 4 systems and use a shuttle or fit a t1 frig for travel.


Or, keep your mission-running ship at the same station as your agent, and either keep a clone there with appropriate implants. keep the proper implants in all of your clones, or live with the performance you get with the implants you have.

You know, like mission runners have done since the dawn of EvE.



wouldn’t it be better just a simple button that say Win All battles instantly, so you do not even need to undock ….( and get a medal also for it…(?) )

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Ah you one of those DIY people.
Me,I just pay others to haul my supplies from jita and any new fancy ships the new multibuy thingy works great when I need multiple replacements ,as any good player I overstock on ammo and I have an alt in Jita and Amarr to buy my things.
If you do it right logistics should take you 1-2 hours every 2 weeks maybe depends on your activity volume of supplies you need and how well you judge your needs.

Ok guys and gals,

Would it help if I said freighters won’t be eligible for insta-jump?

Jump freighters can already do that. I think it could only be a ship below a certain class size, let’s say any ship below battleship hull. Also T2 transport ships are not eligible.

Not so much.


Similar suggestion a last time: I suggest you start a list of reasonable limits at the same time as you start writing a suggestion. They don’t have to be easily implemented limits BTW - just´possible.

Players know that almost everything in the game is abused already (right down to setting prices in the markets at 0.01 ISK boundaries). So the “knee-jerk” reaction to anything is “it could be abused for XXX (often PVP combat)” - and since everything is already abused, it’s hard to argue directly against that.

On the other hand, since everything is already abused by players, a suggestion that improves the game, but is susceptible to abuse, can hardly be rejected because of the potential for abuse.

Limits on new features so the abuse is no worse than everything else are a key part of any suggestion.
Especially because stating the obvious is a knee-jerk reaction to any and all suggestions here :slight_smile:

Also IMPORTANT: have a decent amount of in-game experience, before posting an ‘idea’, so as not to appear as an incompetent fool.

Explain why not?

It makes my op too long though…

Prepare in Notepad++, add it in a new post after the first one to five responses (depending on their quality).

If it’s ready when you make the OP, you can mention it there:
“Of course some limitations would be required. I’ll add some suggestions in a later post”

This is also good for later: some people will reply to the first post even if there are 100 replies.
PS: This is a tried and true technique that’s been around for over 2000 years. Here’s a quote from wikipedia (search for page “Dispositio”, and search in the page for “confutatio”).

The refutation of possible opposing arguments, or confutatio . If the rhetor anticipates that certain people in his audience may disagree with his speech, he must be prepared to refute the argument that could possibly be presented in opposition to his original speech.

(a more modern version might use a gender-neutral formulation :slight_smile:

No, go away.


I think you misunderstand something.

In Eve, the items don’t have a price per se. The price depends on the location. An item in jita is less expensive than an item in a backwater system, because logistic is a thing, has a price, and actually is a eve-job.

I your case I suggest buying several hulls and keeping them in your agent spots.
I have like 50 spots with ships that I have ready in case I need them. with eg golems, cynabals, even ships I wanted to try and used only once. I have a hangar with 10 cynabals, 10 stratios, ready to be used. I have 3 manticores spread throughout the systems ^^
You may save time by getting familiar with the haulers channel.


This is how EVE works, but it favors rich players.

The last thing EVE needs is more evidence that it takes “forever” to get to the point where a low-end player can compete on reasonable terms with high-end players.

I don’t know who player logistics services work well for - it’s never been me, but that doesn’t prove anything. Maybe they’re a reasonable solution for some. But the price of player services generally converge towards the kind of ISK/hour a high-end player can earn, which makes them useless for low- to medium- ISK-incomes.

OTOH I’ve learned through experience to distrust “quick fixes” offered in these forums - but I have to be wrong sometimes :slight_smile:

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