Public transport services

Traveling from point A to point B in EvE is a total pain. Let’s say you want to do some L4s but the agent is like 15 jumps from your current location. So you take your battleship (or whatever), travel fit it and spend like 20-30 min listening to “Warp drive active” over and OVER and OVER again. Ok so you got where you wanted. Good. Re-fit hull for L4… oh wait… one Drone Damage Amplifier is missing. You forgot to put it in cargo hold when you travel fitted for the journey.

We have Hauling Services to move stuff from A to B.
Why there is no way to make my char instant travel from A to B so I can actually play the damn game ? -.-
I dunno, public ansiblex network or something maybe? Anything other that “Warp drive active for 3h strait” plz.

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Because it would be used en masse to instantly attack people.

Things taking time is a good thing. It adds value and meaning, but also makes the world more organic (i.e. scouts spotting fleets as they head towards targets). Eve isn’t an instant gratification game. It can’t be whilst it has a player driven economy.

I suggest you keep a mission ship at your agent, so you can just shuttle over whenever you want to run missions. Or even better a jump clone, so you can instantly travel to your mission hub with an implant set built for missioning.


Yes, I understand.
Still, bulls*it (in ex: traveling) , in EvE takes way more time than it should IMHO.

EVE travel is in general a poor design choice.

It would be one thing if 90% of the time you could do everything within 3 jumps and longer travel was an occasional choice. It’s another thing when you regularly have to travel multiple jumps to do something, then travel back the same route to do something else. Or travel 8 jumps just to pick up/drop something off. Or travel 11 jumps for an escalation or looking for a fight.

Travel time in EVE often takes up a significant portion of your allotted gaming time. You might find you have an hour to play, log in, decide what to do, spend 8 minutes travelling there doing completely boring jump-wait-jump-wait-jump, do your thing, then find you don’t have enough time to travel to the next spot before you have to log.

Some PvPers support it because it encourages players to take their attention away from the game and onto something actually interesting. From a game design view, “we put in game elements that are designed to make you want to tab out and do something else while waiting for the boring activity to complete” are quite poor choices and lead directly to people eventually quitting the game.

However a space game would be somewhat immersively damaged by allowing instant travel to anywhere, and it would also reduce interaction between players. So some medium alternative should be designed. CCP has already taken baby steps in that direction with auto-pilot and warp speed changes but something more creative than minimal tweaks would be better.


Good riddance.


Space is big.

…or hop in a free rookie ship if you forgot something.

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What? You can travel extremely fast from one corner to the other with a shuttle or even better a Leopard.

If you plan a bit ahead you can also use jump clones and/or medical clones (home system) for instant travel.

What you don’t get is transporting stuff instantly. You will have to transport that the old fashioned for very obvious reasons.

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jump clones


Anyone who uninstalls in this situation isn’t really fit for playing this game,
especially because it’s his own damn fault!

Take responsibility for your stupidity.

Your argument is none.


Most people who played “Vanilla” WoW will tell you how huge the world used to feel, because you had to travel everywhere on foot, or horseback. Blizzard have constantly capitulated to the instant gratification crowd over the years, adding in features such as “Dungeon Finder” that warps you straight to the dungeon without having to travel there, amongst other things. It has resulted in a game that feels more like “Lobby” of Warcraft, than “World” of Warcraft.

I don’t want that to happen to EVE, the universe feels huge because it takes time to get anywhere, and in the same respect, some ships actually feel fast/slow due to the time it takes for them to get anywhere. I enjoy travelling in EVE, it gives me the opportunity to find new people and structures to mess with.


Listen to the advice of others. Keep your mission ship in the mission hub and move around by shuttle, warp speed fit frig or jump clone.

Edit- comment above is spot on. Instant gratification type ideas have eroded away at game’s and made them meaningless.

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I’m not talking about transporting stuff. All I want to do is get from point A to point B.
You know there is an autopilot, right?
So, I get into shuttle, set destination, (30 jumps or what), push the blue “A” button and … ? I can go look at paint dry.
THIS ^ for me is problem. This is not “gameplay”. No challange - noone will gank empty shuttle, noone will stop me or can mess with me in any way. All there is to do is wait ~20-30 min doint NOTHING cause FK You , thats why!!!
That is bulls*it. (IMHO offcourse :slight_smile: )

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Those kind of situations should be abstracted away from players.
So, here is an opportunity to introduce some kind of player driven solution like some way for players providing some kind of srvice to other player in order to relive them from that kind of bulls*it. I don’t know what kind of mechanic should govern it but we have haulers for stuff right ? So maybe thesame stuff but excusively for characters ?

CCP is allways looking for new in-game money sinks. Here is one.

Autopilot takes significantly more time than flying manually.


Well somebody obviously didn’t take 20 seconds to google about it or they would probably have found out about jump clones and podjumping.

Goodbye OP, gl wherever you land.

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I don’t think this should be solved in the same way that WoW solved it - i.e. by making travel over very large distances of the cluster quicker - rather, this sounds like it should be solved by making activities that players want to accomplish possible in smaller areas of space.

e.g. right now to get a good deal on some space equipment, you have to travel to a hub like Jita or Amarr - this takes a long time. To travel to an incursion, you have to travel a long way.

I’m curious why the OP was travelling so far - was it to pick up gear in Jita, or something else?

Either way, things that allow players to populate a cluster in space and make the whole spectrum of activities possible in a particular part of the cluster, sound like the solution here.


I’m not so sure about that.

Everyone dies eventually.



Put your favorite music on and enjoy journey.
swearing makes that topic only away from being at least read by CCP.

Travel in EVE is important part of game. You must learn to be patient in this game or you will be frustrated and losing stuff many times.

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Wanna bet?

EDIT. thanks Sol.