Hi I just started, why isn’t Eve the game I always imagined

Hello ,

I have some thought about eve and that thoughts make me not paying for a game play .
What are they ,
While playing for a month you are starting to feel like you are not really free at space. You are very restricted with gates or structers at current system. And the planets are just visual and maybe for mining Why?

  • Why I can’t warp anywhere by entering a coordinate to anywhere at space in a starsystem.
  • Why I should just use the star gates or wormholes.
  • Why my ship cant jump through space you can may be make it slower but you must give that feeling to the player. !-The freedom-!
  • Why I can’t land some of the planets.
  • How I can pass through the planets while warping and nothing happens ( non-sense reality )
  • Why I can’t stop my own ship warping but the others can if they have the tool .
    There are alot of non-sense , non-real-feeling and “I wish it there” things in the game. And I beleive CCP can do better than this.
    Anyone have any suggestions , I wish them to write here. . .
    Thanks in advance

Filaments, macro jump drive, bookmarks

Elite Dangerous ->


Why are you playing this game and why don’t you delve a bit into EVE’s history and find answers to most of your questions.

Thanks in advance.


You are not traveling A to B when you warp but rather shifting locations I believe…that’s why you pass though things. There is a technical video out there if you like…

Why I can’t land some of the planets

That isn’t Eve’s purpose…if that is important to you go play another game

Becasue they are using massive amounts of energy and a dedicated ship to do that…

Eve is 17 years old, they’re lucky to find new customers to pump money into it, frankly the cash store and alpha and new markets give it more life (after wormholes and exploration)

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I am playing because I choose to play to understand the dynamics of the game and to understand if I love it or hate it. Is it an adequate answer for you ?
Are you from CCP or just a player ?

You can

Initiate warp in system, open map, drop bookmarks in mid flight

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These two don’t mix.

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It’s kinda like “I accept who you are after you change a few things.”

Starting off dysfunctional in Eve…not a good sign.


so I can warp anywhere by just dropping a bookmark anywhere at the map. So thank you ; I will try it . :pray:

fit a jump drive too and check filaments

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Why ?
I dont understand your point!
And you haven’t also answered my question.
I believe CCP can do it because this is one of the best games I have ever seen. I’m accepting that they have made a good job. They are so clever and can do better than this . So thats why I m playing gor a month. Also I’m thinking to pay it but then is it worh to it. will I bored of it ? the questions…
So if you haven’t got an answer dont just judge idly. If you don’t have an constructive answer , I didn’t ask this question to see actual players meaningless ego.

On top of that the thread title triggered me. “suggestions” followed by “Hi, I’m new but this sucks”.

What has happened to EVE in the last few years? I realize that it’s always been terrible but now it just seems so much more depressing. Same with C&P, it has really just degenerated into stupid trolls doing fckall.

Maybe I’m just older and grumpier than I used to be.

  • You state you’re new to the game, great. We love newbies
  • but your thread reads “suggestions”, suggestions require understanding which you don’t have, being new. THINKING that you’re entitled to this anyway shows a hilarious lack of awareness
  • then you go “CCP can do better” and while they certainly can and should it’s not on the points you mention
  • the point you made clearly show that you should play Elite Dangerous instead, different game, also space ships

So there is only black and white huh ! You accept the game or you go , you can’t make any critisim. because EVE is absolute. You can’t wish it to be better . So you never grow up , in time your light turns off slightly…!


If you want to land on planets then this isn’t you game. Yes, in that condition it is black and white just as if you want to eat a hamburger you don’t go to a sushi restaurant. It’s common sense.

You’re wishing it to be better is more from you being ignorant rather from a place of experience and knowledge…

And yes, my country mastered the dimmer switch a long time ago…

  • I’m not new in games. May be in Eve that is not prevents making critisim you dont need to play it for a life to make a critic ? huh?
  • Eve is not the only game :slight_smile:
  • May be I play it :slight_smile: does it prevents me from playing eve ? is Eve a god that you should just pray only one of them ?
  • Your words very funy really . Thank for your critisim . if you are not from eve , you are not make a point for me now .

I know coding so you are telling all this to a wrong person .
thanks for your critisim.

What? You are asking questions about lore not coding…try to keep your stories straight…


This would be crazy abusable for creating ‘deep safe spots’.

Because it would take very long times to travel between stars even at superluminal (warp) speed. Not all ships have to use jump gates, by the way. Some ships can equip jump drives.

Because there are game mechanic priorities. This is not Elite Dangerous.

To do what? This is primarily a spaceship game. The walking part of the game was removed years ago. I’m not saying it’ll never return, but the priority is to expand internet spaceships, and they don’t live on planets.

A limitation of the game engine. At least the tunnel fades out now so you don’t see the planet clip anymore. This is a minor thing that they’ve never prioritised addressing. It doesn’t really matter. Consider that your warp tunnel allows you to phase through intervening space and matter.

This is called interdiction and it’s a huge part of the PvP gameplay. Once you’re in warp you’re committed to that warp. Only an external factor can pull you out before you reach your destination.

This is not a space simulation. While it has simulation aspects they are always secondary to game mechanics.