The world is accelerating. The game is still slow. Speed up the game

(Alan Chumak) #1

Please make the game move faster. Summer, a lot of strength and a lot of tasks for people. And not just this game. The game has enough contents for which it takes all the time. You can remove unnecessary pauses at the dock and undock from the station, increase the speed of movement through the warp, remove some messages. While my indus is carrying minerals, I constantly jump up, every system, and have time to do a couple of things in the room. Very slow animation of the shift systems. During this time, in the real world, in the dash, I hit 12 targets. Just compare the benefits of different occupations. I find it more interesting to spend time OUTSIDE the game.

(Salt Foambreaker) #2

All of those pauses and speeds have a purpose.


(Alan Chumak) #3

Everything has a purpose and a cause. But not all goals and causes are needed all the time. It is not necessary to portray for me a pause before entering the dock. I’m still invulnerable at this moment. The game has already loaded the picture of the hangar. I do not need the words “permission obtained.” In addition, when you say “all these” you are mistaken. If you search, you can find pauses. The world is accelerating, accelerate and game.


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(Omnathious Deninard) #4

As Salt Foambreaker said, they all have a purpose and meaning, usually to benefit the player.


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(Ms Steak) #5

At the very least making warps faster will make vast universe of EvE feel way smaller…


(Alan Chumak) #6

Perhaps it is necessary for those who like romance to leave and long flights. Give a choice. For those who are important actions to allow faster movements.

Then what’s the point of transporting minerals and spending 2 hours on shipments? Then spend another hour on production, on trade, on management skills, to wait for skills. Hundreds of hours for tens of millions? Maybe then just fight to fight, and not to fly for resources and not to be engaged in production at all …

(Salt Foambreaker) #7

I would suggest you start with the just released economic reports.

That will help you understand how important the economy is and how well developed the economy is compared to other games.

Sure you can take shortcuts like this, other games do, but they have no economy, their crafting is pointless and gathering is for RMT bots.

(Ms Steak) #8

…this game is just not for you?

(Alan Chumak) #9

Strangely, on my altos there are almost 3000 ships and modules on sale that I produced. And I see that for the production worker, the economy consists of hundreds of hours of work, but brings very little. Are you seriously talking to me about the economy? The economy you are talking about is probably the economy of those who get money out of thin air. And not really carries hundreds of millions of tons of minerals just to build one battleship. And it surprises me how much labor is needed in order to sell some 53 market positions, and that for this you need to pay for an account. Very strange economy.

And then it turns out that I still have to fly for hours between stations. No, I’m reading at this moment on another computer. But on that day when I play, I can have only 5 hours to play. 2 of them are for production, an hour for a sp-farm, and what is left for other content?

I apologize, the translator obviously does not cope. Such strange combinations of words …Simply, there is an opinion that the branches of the forum in our language do not attend the authorities.

(Alan Chumak) #10

you just a troll? ;

(Makshima Shogo) #11

Would not mind slightly more speed, such as all ships warping faster could be nice.

(Alan Chumak) #12

Yes, at least 10-15%! Here I have run out of minerals again. And what I built, just a couple of hundred cheap containers, guns and one ship. Again, I carry only 9 million tons of mastodont. How long will I take them, 20 minutes? 20 minutes to stare at the warp just for the sake of 30 million profits which is not known when else will be?

(Ms Steak) #13

large distances (long travel time) also make possible multiple tradehubs within the game (and thus healthier economy) - players have a choice to either buy fast or buy cheaper in another place.

still -1 to instant gratification ideas.

High grade ascendancy implants with omega(slot 6) will make warps 62% faster.
There are also low slot modules and (astronautic)rigs that boost warp speed iirc.

You do have a choice.

(Alan Chumak) #14

I understand. But do not forget that competition makes trading in one place impossible. In large hubs, the price of a module often does not differ from the price of production or lower.
If I am allowed to teleport to Zhita, I will not sell my modules there anyway. Taking into account competitors, no one will let me do this.
In the end, you can change the speed at least for cargo ships. In addition, it was all about reducing pauses and management. As for the modules, I certainly use them. But implants - my main character wears a different set. Change clone only to bring minerals? Then I will not shoot. To teach another character transports and cybernetics in 5? You see, laboriousness, time expenditure is more, more, more, more … Pay attention to our famous players. How not to turn on the twitch, they warp. Warp, warp, warp … Half the time on the channel they fly somewhere. And that’s all true. A wife, child, cat, car, work, sport, book, nature, real enemies and friends, home, clothes, food are waiting nearby. But no, we must warp for 20 minutes! Do you see these sad faces on the channel? Why do you think? Because after 10 minutes they rummage in their assets, they also jump back and forth for 20 minutes.None of them inserts implants to accelerate the warp. It is heavy.
ps It also surprises me that the pinnacle of design ideas, worth millions and billions, which need to be taught for 2 months, has 2000 energy and 2000 shields (transport), or only three lower slots. And vanishingly low speed. Oddly enough, the weapon is getting stronger, and the trucks are getting weaker. Well, maybe you could stick a couple more guns onto a ship 10km long?
or maybe a little more powerful reactor? After all, transport is 10 times more cruisers. So why does he have a cruiser reactor? And what is its plus on active shields and resistance if these 2000 energies end instantly? But this is another story. Just as an example, how lousy our trucks are.

(Salt Foambreaker) #15

Oh come on, use what is already in game, that would require effort and risk.

(Ms Steak) #16

Too much sense? Sorry.

(Solecist Project) #17


Sol is Love!
Sol is Life!


(Alan Chumak) #18

Really gentlemen. Here are the statistics. Now production brings me about 40 million a day, profits. I trade on 3 points, each in 8 jumps from another. Every day I need about 40 million tons of minerals. I spend half an hour on the production itself, a little on sales. I fly with two ships, 9.5 + 6 million tons. Every day I spend about 1.5 hours while watching the warp. And by the way, it’s just ridiculous to wear implants for speed in the warp. After all, the speed of the ship is 1.3 !!! That is, I spend 2 + hours to earn 40 million. Of these, 1.5 hours is simply to look at the black screen during the warp. Here is the production.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #19

sounds to me like your problem is more time management, personally I love that certain tasks have a slower pace to them, gives me time to do other things either IG or OOG.
if i’ve got a long haul to pick up some blue prints or something from HS, and I know its gonna be an hour or so round trip, I take advantage of that, and spend some time cleaning my office for example. or work on spreadsheets, or theorycraft some fits. or hell, just relax and watch a show. or if I really don’t want to do it myself, i’ll just pay someone to do it for me.
some stuff just takes a bit of leg-work, and yeah, if thats all you are doing it can be a bit dull. so plan ahead for it and be more productive.

(Makshima Shogo) #20

Sounds like you should find another way to make isk.