The world is accelerating. The game is still slow. Speed up the game

(Daichi Yamato) #21

Time adds meaning.

If everything moves faster, force projection becomes easier, ratting is faster, hauling is faster.

None of these are good things.

(Alan Chumak) #22

Well, let not everything be faster. But the speed of the trucks at least you can raise? And a few defense. Today I asked how to protect my freiter by playing in two windows. And they answered me - no way. It all sounds like transportation is possible only if I am organizing a huge convoy. In high sec!
And what else do you do when you fly in two windows. Even so, there are not enough minerals. And the dubious pleasure of constantly switching between windows. Still, you watch the dark warp an hour a day.

(Sasha Viderzei) #23

Minus twenty eleven.


(Jint Hikaru) #24

Sounds like you are suggesting a massive change to the entire game, simply to make your very specific playstyle easier.

(Alan Chumak) #25

Well, what is so strange about delivering 30-50 million tons of minerals to your plant every day? Every manufacturer has to do it. You look for the sake of interest how many tons it costs to build a battleship. And understand all the magnitudes of this ass. Daily, and not once. At the same time, the truck trudge like turtles and many who want to eat them. Yes, in the abysses, I earn 5 times more. So you have to play, just piu piu?

(Jint Hikaru) #26

I never claimed that delivering minerals to your manufacturing facility is “strange”.

My point was, you have made a suggestion that affects the entire game, without thinking how it would affect the game, outside of your own specific desire to make what you do in game easier.

(Lord Kalus) #27

If that is a problem for you, you may need to change what you spend your time doing to something else. The game exists in it’s current form for a reason, that reason being a reasonably close resemblance to reality which allows greater immersion for the players. You are asking for that immersion to be broken for every player because it inconveniences you personally. You might want to try being a little less of a selfish crybaby sometime.

(Bronson Hughes) #28

I could maybe see a minor tweak to warp speeds for certain combat subcaps. Keep frigates, mining ships, and industrials the same, but speed up battleships to 3 AU/s, and adjust destroyers, cruisers, and battlecruisers accordingly to fit between 3 and 5 AU/s.

This could improve the strategic utility of battleships relative to capital ships without directly impacting the economy (unless you haul in battleships?) and while still maintaining differentiation between subcaps, but I’d hardly consider it an urgent game balance issue.