Is there a way to speed up travelling

Between warping, slowing down, gating, and docking, it seems like a lot of my time is just spent on travelling from point A to point B and its killing the fun. What can I do to speed this up

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Nano fibers in low, hyper spacial’s in rig’s, keeping your ship’s in the area’s you need them and traveling in frigate’s.

Distance is part of what makes the virtual world of New Eden function but there are ways to speed up your warping. There are rigs, modules and implants that increase you align time and warp speed as was said above. There are also T2 ships that are much faster at warping - look at CovOps Frigates, Interceptors, Blockade Runners for some, and the Angel Cartel line of pirate ships have warp speed bonuses.

Otherwise, as you see it pays to base in one area and minimize your travel., or even outsource some of it to couriers.

And arguably the fastest way of traveling is wormholes :smiley:

I understand that for every game theres loading and its a huge map but it feels like 90 percent of gameplay is go here from here. Does that change

You can always camp a gate in any security region of space, camp a wormhole, afk cloaked camp some easy to trigger individuals, steal stuff in Jita and whatnot. Requires zero travel between system. :slight_smile:

What are you doing?

The SoE epic arc is all about traveling to introduce you to the game universe and is honestly quite tedious even though most people recommend it to new players. It isn’t really represenstative of the game.

Otherwise yes and no. Some professions, like exploration, do involve large amounts of traveling but thankfully, in small fast ships. Others, like missioning or mining have you in a system or two most of the time, generally speaking, although you will have to travel to trade hubs from time to time. And some, like station trading, you never even undock.

And I think we can rule highsec courier completely out for you as it is almost all done with you in a warp tunnel.

There is a lot to do in Eve, but traveling isn’t necessarily a large part of everything.

Are there any diplomacy jobs? I noticed standings among companies and such. As well as what looks like a charisma skill

I’m doing the recommended tutorial missions right now

That is an attribute not a skill. Social skills are related to standings (see below).

Edit: As for standings between player corps and alliances, those are called diplomats, but the corp has to be very new and/or you need to earn great trust and prove yourself very capable to be assigned such a position.

Thank you. There’s some areas the tutorial could use some work. Lol

Well, that is pretty representative of missioning I am afraid. There is plenty more gameplay than that, some of it more fast-pace and with less traveling, but I am not going to lie to you and tell you this is an outlier: Eve is often quite a slow game and you will spend a large fraction of your time in a warp tunnel or hunting a target or a site.

Remember though that the tutorial missions are just there to teach you the interface and basic game mechanics (and maybe give you some starter gear). Most people think Eve’s best parts involve other players, so try to stick with it and find a group that does something that interests you.

How long does it normally take for a player to click with eve? Know they are there for the long haul.

Couldn’t tell you. I quit after six months of casual play thinking it wasn’t for me. I gave it another shot a year or two later, joined up with some highsec villains trying my hand at piracy and it stuck.

I’ve tried many other things since then, a lot of them I found boring or bored of them quickly but there are still much out there I have yet experimented with. But I think it is the greater Eve universe and the social connections that keep me around, rather than the core gameplay itself.

While you are in warp, browse some Eve sites out there, perehaps starting here:

In fact, the game used to even have a web browser built-in I guess because there is so much downtime.

Another good resource is Eve Uni, who has tons of info as well as a page on what you can do in this game:

Good luck!

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I was hooked on the idea of eve before I started playing, A friend told me some stories and I couldn’t wait to start playing. I spent the first month grinding lv 1-2 missions and reading just about anything I could find on eve. Somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd month things started clicking, a lot of that was playing with other people in my corp, we did a bunch of t1 frig brawls that really helped learning the combat mechanics. Also talked a lot about fittings as there weren’t many out of game fitting resources back then.

As far as speeding up travel goes might want to try a fit like this. <2s align time to get into warp fast plus hyperspatials so its warp speed is much faster. depending on your agility skills might want to swap the damage control for another inertial stab.
[Atron, Travel]

Damage Control II
Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers
Type-D Restrained Inertial Stabilizers

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

I have no idea what any of those fittings mean lol

if you copy the whole fit you can import it in game. Open the fitting window click on the wrench and there should be a button to import a fit on the bottom left. Once you import the fit you should be able to look at each mod and see what it does.

or just copy each mod on it’s own and search for it in game

there’s a ton of items in game it takes a long time to learn them, I’d start with whatever you want to use and branch out from there.

Totally depends on you, if you are able to find something interesting in the first days. Some people never find. The best thing you could do as a newbro is to join a newbie friendly corp to make some friends. This could allow you to exchange some ideas and find something interesting quicker.

Did you ever try a Shuttle? It’s very quick and great for long travelling with small cargo, and very cheap, so you can easily dispose it. And after some time you might afford a Leopard or a Yacht, that is great for travelling.

After some months in EVE I got me a second screen for Dotlan, Pathfinder, Fitting tools, Teamspeak, Discord - things you can check while warping around. The sound for new action is easily to be distinct.

Well…if you don’t need to take a ship with you, podjumping and using jumpclones are ways to essentially teleport instantly to fixed locations. Podjumping is a technique any player could use, jumpclones would take more setup fuss but sure are handy.

Probably safe to assume you won’t be flying a freighter or capital ship if slow things bother you. o7