Best ship-fits for beginners? (I vote for speed)

I think that given that beginners should have cheap fits, low risk, and can still do all they can do while sacrificing tank, tracking, dps, or any of the other more specific rigs, I think beginners should fit for alignment & AU/s

Frankly, Eve is a big place, and most of your time is painfully spent in warp. And for a beginner, they should probably shoot for 4.0+ AUs on everything they fly, it saves so much more time which will give them a more valuable gaming experience.

I think speed is an indispensable fit for any beginner in EVE for that time saving reason alone. And the rigs/modules are fairly cheap.

I think players should fit their ships for the purpose they want the ship to do.

If the purpose is to pvp, they should fit for pvp.
If the purpose is to pve, they should fit for pve.
If the purpose to travel quickly, they should fit to travel quickly.

Making a blanket statement like this is a HORRIBLE idea and will misguide the people who need the most amount of support, giving them the wrong impressions of the game.

Why? Why do they need to aim for 4+ AU/s on their ships when all they’re doing is going between a handful of systems running missions? Have you done the math on the amount of time it saves traveling between highsec/lowsec systems?

I would reckon that the handful of seconds you save over the course of an hour doesn’t actually add up to any “valuable gaming experience”. But I’m sure you’ve done the math and can prove me wrong, right? :slight_smile:


No, their ships should all be fit for speed because it saves them about 300% of their time. And they don’t need pvp/pve/dps/ehp fits. They are too new, L1s/L2s don’t require it, etc.

Because even those handful of systems are greater than 300AU’s traveled and every 1AU/s saves about a minute in travel time, in a game that’s already TIME INTENSIVE.

Do you have anything to back up this claim of “300% of their time”?
What are you measuring here? What “time”?

Which systems are newbros traveling through that are greater than 300AU? :thinking:

Just from Piek to Jita is ~200AU’s one way and that’s just 5 hops. So everyone doing anything in starter areas are constantly travelling greater than 300 AU’s.

Oh…wait…oh…you can only think 1 hop ahead…nevermind.

  1. it depends

  2. another thread opened by Alistair on a new subject giving wrong advices

waiting for the next thread : i guess it should be somethg like “how to salvage”

come on alistair, there are still some subjects that you have not commented: how to live in a wh? how to fc? etc
teach us

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Why even waste effort on this clown? Seriously.

A “no, you’re dumb. newbies don’t listen to this fool” suffices.

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Nothing is wrong here, it’s absolutely correct. Nothing’s more annoying to anyone new to the game than warping.

no, you’re dumb.

newbies don’t listen to this fool


You said “grater than 300AU”. Let me quote you.

Oh, so you’re being ACTUALLY dumb here.
You’re assuming a newbro is warping directly from the system of Piek to the system of Jita.

You’re ignoring ALL of the time it takes for them to:

  1. accelerate into warp
  2. enter warp
  3. land out of warp
  4. jump through a gate
  5. repeat 1-4 in the new system

I see. You’re just being dumb again. Got it.

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Stop telling them to sit in warp 2.5x longer than they have to because they are at 3.0AU/s lol

Put a hyperspatial rig on, easy.

Oh, and btw.

Which systems were greater than 300 AU again? Because It doesn’t seem like any exist.

You clearly don’t know how to add Scoots_Chobo

Here we go. OP discovered Hyperspatial rigs for the first time and decided to try marketing with them. Now he’s making this thread spreading misinformation to newbros trying to convince them that they should buy Hyperspatial rigs.

That’s the secret right? Trying to exploit newbros, such a scumbag thing to do. But hey, EVE players gonna EVE, right?


It’s very easy to see why NEW PLAYERS should just fit for speed.

They don’t need max DPS.

They don’t need max Tank.

They spend most their time in warp.

You’re an idiot.

I’m sure you have actual evidence to back this claim, right? Or are you just making things up again?

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Making what up?

Do L1/L2 mission runners need the tightest fits available? LOLOLOLOL.

Tell them to get hyperspatials in rigs and in low, keep it cheap, and let them have fun you goddamned cantankerous loser. Stick to Null doing nothing.

You made a claim.

They being new players.

Do you have anything to back that claim up?
I’ll wait for you to show me some numbers. :slight_smile:

That you’re an idiot?

You tried to derail a thread with the “largest system” without any regard to how many AU’s are in a destination.

That’s stupid.