Best ship-fits for beginners? (I vote for speed)

That’s not really important because each system has gates that you need to jump through. Unless you’re telling me that new players have figured out how to go from Piek to Jita directly.

The difference between 3.0AU/s and 6.0AU/s will save a new player 50% of their time in warp. Which is a lot of their game time.

If they are running haul missions or mining missions. Boosting to even 3.5AU’s will save them 2.5x their game time.

The number of AUs between all the gates added up. Scoots Chobo. This is your winning strategy? LOLOL

…ok, so then surely, you must have done the math?

Like, you can show me the numbers with a simple test.
Take two ships. One with Hyperspatial rigs and one without. And time both of their journeys from Piek to Jita. And you should have the exact numbers on how many seconds you’ve saved.

So do you have any evidence like that? Or are you just armchair theorycrafting without regard to how the game actually works like you usually do?

I’ll wait for you to show me the numbers and prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

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It’s already in the graph above, or can you not read either?

Your graph is wrong because it assumes you spend the entire distance from Piek to Jita in warp, which you don’t, because acceleration/decceleration, gate jumps, etc. all exist in the actual game.

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That time is straight from CCP.

It accounts for all acceleration/decceleration.

The only thing it doesn’t account for is alignment time. And I FULLY Support inertial stabs for alignment in place of armor/ehp also.

As much as they can cram on that they don’t need for their early mission running

Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Now lets see how long it will take before clown OP realizes his utter lack of understanding. I vote “never”.


But in the grand scheme of travel, alignment time adds a lot less than AU/s.

Most alignments will optimize with very little modules needed, and then you’re just saving .5seconds here or there which is important for MWD/cloak or pvp. but not for travel.

I suppose if Dickless Theon doesn’t understand you add the AUs between each jump to get a travel time?

Then why can’t you show us the actual times?

Go take a ship.
Put hyperspatials on it.
Fly it from Piek to Jita.

Then take a second ship.
Don’t put hyperspatials on it.
Fly it from Piek to Jita.

I want to see actual numbers, not your armchair theorycrafting in a vacuum.

Why don’t you account for Align time?
Given that you need to Align to warp at each gate, that would add additional travel time between Piek and Jita. Why would you leave out such an important piece of data?

If it takes you 30 seconds to align, that’s an extra minute of travel time added for two gates just on aligning by itself!!

The actual times are literally in CCP’s spreadsheet.

I just explained why. After you tightening your align time you won’t save more than ~1second by blowing through every module you can to reduce it further.

Most ships you can tighten align time with one inertial stab.

You didn’t, actually.

You just came out with some lie.

I hope you understand why you can’t save 0.5 seconds with align times. I’m sure you have done the research on why that is. :thinking:

I’m talking about the fitting times, it’s irrelevant about the ticks, which side you fall on will not be consistent, so it averages out.

You can have 6.5 as an average die roll, did you know that?

Is there a 6.5 on dice?

This is objectively wrong.
I’m disappointed that you don’t even know how align times work. :frowning:
And yet you feel like you know enough to teach people, most of all, newbros?

Please, sit down and stop spreading lies.
Especially to the newest players who need the most help.

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This is not objectively wrong, when you look at the align times in fitting it will come down in hundreths.

Whether you don’t understand statistics and server ticks is irrelevant.

Ok then.
I have two ships.

The first ship aligns in 3.2 seconds.
The second ship aligns in 3.8 seconds.

How many seconds would it take the first ship to enter warp?
How many seconds would it take the second ship to enter warp?

If the number comes down to an average, give me your best estimate of the percentages of the number of seconds it takes to get into warp.

Depends on the server tick. The 3.2 might warp after the 3.8.

Again, a 12-sided die’s average is 6.5.