New Booster - Autopilot Calibration Booster

Moving my ships around is either a very lengthy process of clicking jump every time I’m in a new system or a very lengthy process of waiting for the autopilot to handle it.

I propose a new Booster (modeled on the existing Improved, Standard, Strong etc) that provides a decreased percentage in the 10km distance that the autopilot uses when automatically warping.

Drawbacks/side effects could include decreased hit points, increased sig radius, or other negatives that would make a person an easier target for high sec ganking.

Use courier contracts to move your stuff around. Players will move it for you for a great price in highsec depending on the destination.

Then when you login, your stuff is ready to go and you just jump clone and play.


Why stop there? What EvE needs is instant fast travel. Avoid all potential unpleasantness guaranteed. They could just sell fast travel tokens (for cash only of course) right from the NES. :+1: :+1:

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Well, I think Xuxe might have been a little hard on you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not sold on the idea, but you’re at least thinking about balance and the impact on other play styles, which is a lot better than most people who make proposals do.

No P2W


I have a degree that qualifies me to speak on such matters and I’ll prove it!


nice degree… how long did it take to get it?

As Shipwreck Jones mentioned, your idea takes game balance into account. I like that.

I just really don’t like making autopilot more competitive with manually flying your ship. EVE is much more interesting when the other pilots out in space are at their keyboard rather than AFK ‘automated NPCs’.

Autopilot is intentionally much worse than manual travel. Let’s keep it that way.


I’m not in favor of this idea for the reasons listed above. But in ops defence it’s not like people don’t already use bots for this.

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