Autopilot 2

Player Retention Strategy

Heres my issue. I play eve 2-3 months a year due to hitting a wall with scanning, but that could be expanded from 3 to 6 with an added ease of life fix.

Theres times I have eve up in the background, not doing anything for 2 hours while doing something else and cant really be arsed to play this game, scanning around for 30 minutes of active gameplay to not find a cosmic site worth its salt around 3-10 systems

I wanna find 6/10s and above in lowsec aswell as besieged sites, but I cant be arsed to fly around in my stoopid astero scanning for an hour every day TO PLAY DAT GAME

Are you listening? I wanna blow up these sites, not play rabbit easter egg hunt for, who knows? 2-3 hours if you are even lucky enough to find within a reasonably quiet part of low sec to even begin with to attempt to solo these sites.

You have autopilot, now you have Autopilot 2. Or as you might discover it will turn out to be, AUTO PVP.

Sit in station,
activate Autopilot 2,
A specter of your caracter undocks the station in your ship
this works like a NPC with autocloak, autowarp, autojump and auto scan!

After 1-2 hours (dno balance) your specter has auto scanned 3 neighbouring systems, all while you sat in station and did nothing.

Maybe you could autoscan the whole region in a week, taking longer the more area you cover? I mean why not? I am not proposing auto clearing the sites, but just removing the easter egg hunt, getting to the content, starting it, and becoming content in the process!

Im sick of finding low tier â– â– â– â–  for 2 hours, let me do it for 4 hours afk

idgaf just undock my astero live and fly it, but add insta cloak but slow scan for gods sake. What part of the scanning game do you actually thing is engaging? Aiming bows at rabbits is a lot more fun or slaying a really hard knight in kingdom come on hardcore with â– â– â– â–  gear, thats fun! or running back the levels with the orb on Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup while titanian mammoths from hell are chasing you from the nether regions, thats fun!

But scanning? Thats not fun

Just my 2cents

7/10 and higher don’t spawn in lowsec, and besieged sites are literally anomalies that show up on the probe scanner without a need to scan. You sound stupid and lazy and eve should not cater to you.


Add more sites already!

Why do you want the game to be playing for you when you are not playing the game?

Is it that you do not wish to be actively exploring all those hours? Then don’t! Switch it up an also do something less active on the side like mining or Ishtar ratting.

Is it that you want to make more ISK to afford ships but don’t want to play for it? Try buying plex? Or fly cheaper ships? Find other sources of ISK?

It sounds like you wish to turn this game into a pretty screensaver, but I don’t understand why.


Come on. Don’t stop here.

Why not Autopilot 3, that one even clears the sites for you.
Autopilot 4 even autopilots all your goods to a TradeHub of your choice (with an auto-cloak/mwd-hauler of course).
Autopilot 5 even sells all the stuff and auto-modifies all your orders every few minutes.

Who in hell wants to do all that boring manual work? It would be so much fun seeing my wallet blink every few seconds while sitting on station doing nothing.


Everyone against this, all nullseccers

not just nullseccrs…this idea is idiotic and so are you.



Ah yes, rather than address criticism you go for the ad hominem attacks.


Naaa man, self confessed carebear here, this idea is terribad.


yeah maybe but something radical must be done

Radical like „putting in the effort to scan multiple constellations“?

Im just saying, whats the harm if it takes 10 hours?

Really stop and think about it. You’ll still get zero DED 6/10s. The one guy running 500 autopilot accounts will run all the sites and have whole regions scanned to instantly know where the next one respawns, thanks to your suggestion.

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My friend Sandra…if you think it is harder to find the good stuff now…were your idea to be implemented, everything everywhere would be constantly industrially farmed-out. The problem you want to address would get much worse than it is.
So take heart…ccp may do it, then! Perhaps tying it in with nft, blockchain, or other FOTM!

It still takes a few hours to get to and clear ded sites

It really shouldn’t take a few hours to get to and clear a ded site unless you’re doing it very inefficiently, or do you mean it takes hours of scanning to find one worth clearing?

Assuming your suggestion was implemented and it takes a hour or two for someone to get the “autopilot” scans back of the surrounding systems, what happens when someone else scans down the site and completes it while you’re waiting for your results to come back, you’d have a wasted journey because your scan results would be out of date.

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Thats right

So basicly, I want complete safety while scanning around in Low-Sec Systems.

Sounds like it doesn’t it.

Wants to farm endless DED sites without considering that if everyone can farm them the loot will eventually either be worthless or nerfed, and that its the rarity/competition that makes them worth the hassle.


We need autopilot to warp to zero on each gate so we can set our waypoints while we are looking at the new excel spreadsheets etc.